Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system is on its way for desktop and laptop users offering them a whole new scenario of using through the next generation features present in it. There are some previous versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system like Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7 etc, which have created a great following of the company. Among them Windows 7 is been liked by a majority of people and named as the best OS for people developed by Microsoft till date.  The operating system had a lot of new features and offerings for the people to make them get more than the wanted and expected, along with a new form of visual style to increase the attractiveness.

On Windows 7 operating system a person can enhance the visual experience through the download and installation of various third party themes. There are numerous themes which can be filtered and chosen according to the preference of the person willing to download the themes for your desktop or laptop. Here are some best Windows 7 themes and visual styles for allowing you to get an outstanding viewing experience.

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Best Windows 7 Themes and Visual Styles:

  • Dark Neon Skin Pack: A true TRON fan will love it, as the skin pack has iconic glow of Red and Blue color. On installing the Dark Neon Skin Pack you will get dark black user interface contrasted with glowing Blue and Red color changing everything from login screen to icons etc.


  • Static 2.0 Theme: This theme can’t be missed and majority of people refer Static 2.0 theme as one of best themes available on the Internet for Windows 7. A colorful display with minimalistic icons makes the OS to be more beautiful than before along with increasing the working experience for the user. It has all the features which make it a perfect theme for Windows 7 users.


  • Wave Theme: Wave Theme is a good theme for Windows 7 allowing the operating system users to make the visual to be light and soothing. It has a great combination of white, blue and grey colors which is balanced increasing the look of the OS along with making the appearance to be classic.


  • Deep Theme: The theme is somewhat similar to Static 2.0 but has the lighter shades as compared to it. Deep theme also has a touch of minimalism making Windows 7 operating system to vibrant, rich and having a classic look. It is a great option for choosing the best Windows 7 theme for your desktop or laptop.


  • WinMetro: WinMetro is a theme which also the user to transform the Windows 7 screen to Windows 8 Metro User Interface. Through it you can get easy access to the widgets and most frequently used applications saving the time for searching them.


  • Placebo Visual Style: It contains a set of 8 themes which are beautiful in looking making the taskbar and status bar to be thinner as compared to their original size and adding more to them to increase the efficiency. Placebo Visual Style has borderless versions providing the extra benefit to the person installing the style.


Best Windows 7 Themes and Visual Styles Download
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