YouTube is a good video and audio streaming service offering the people to spend their time viewing the videos for free and sharing them with others easily. About four billion views are received by the site in an average day streaming the videos uploaded by various people and entities. YouTube also launched Music Key last year music streaming service available for users on subscription aiming to provide people ad-free of official music videos without any trouble. For daily users of the site, we have the list of the best YouTube Extensions / Plug-ins for Chrome and Firefox aiding to enrich the streaming experience and making it even better. With the help of these extensions you can tailor your viewing on the site and turn it more enjoyable by taking a step further.


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Best YouTube Extensions / Plug-ins for Chrome and Firefox:

  • Mini Player: Watching a YouTube video while working on your desktop is not easy as we have to switch from one another to perform both. Mini Player solves this problem; the extension allows you to watch the video during working or browsing by placing the video in right side down on the screen.

mini playre

  • AutoHD for YouTube: YouTube offers various quality modes for the uploaded videos to allow you to choose the best quality for viewing. Many people find the switching of every video to HD Quality quite annoying, with AutoHD for YouTube makes the video to be force turn on the HD option on every regular-size video. It runs fluently on both Chrome and Firefox

auto hd

  • Turn Off The Lights: We all are familiar with YouTube’s big white background containing the small video box at top, Turn Off The Lights offers the user to get a cinematic experience while watching the video on YouTube through diming the lights near the video box. The extension is available for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser in order to be accessed by many people.


  • Looper: Looper offers the video watcher to play it in an infinite loop which will not stop till you hit the stop button, it can come in handy whenever you are listening to a music video on YouTube and willing to see or hear it over and over. This extension is only available for Chrome


  • YouTube Lyrics: Many are addicted to YouTube for watching the official music videos uploaded on the site, but the unavailability of lyrics dampens the whole experience. YouTube Lyrics offers the person to get the wordings of the song to be displayed on the video box without spoiling the view. It is also present for Firefox


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Best YouTube Extensions / Plug-ins for Chrome & Firefox
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