In our childhood days we use to the 16-bit video games on our Television screens to get the best indoor entertainment along with excitement and enjoyment present in it. There were many games popular during that time played by children and people due to their brilliant gameplay along with committed entertainment while playing them making the player to enjoy a single moment of the game. Super Bomberman was one of the games popular in 90’s on SNES offering the people to enjoy the maze based game in a unique and different way that was prevailing at that time.

Till now there are many people who are fond of Super Bomberman and remember the experience encountered while playing it. Now you can experience the same feeling on your Android smartphone through the help of Bomber Friends. Bomber Friends is a game having the same format of Super Bomberman to bring back the 90’s game’s attractiveness back into the current century. It is developed and marketed by Hyperkani to give a game which is a sort of addicting, speedy, furious and good in playing to people for their smartphones. The game is a great one as it makes a person to encounter the same experience then got while playing the Super Bomberman in your SNES on your Android smartphone. It has some brilliant features for the player making him/her to enjoy every moment while playing the game.

Bomber friends

Features of Bomber Friends:

  • Get the same Super Bomberman experience on your smartphone and getting a great time while playing.
  • Attractive 90’s graphics making the player to get glued to it for hours and enjoy the gameplay.
  • Various power-ups present in the game to make your bombs more strong and impactful.
  • Compete with your friends in the Multiplayer mode and win over them by standing as the last one surviving.
  • Various modes to make the player to have the excitement and entertainment for enabling to enjoy the game.


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Bomber Friends APK Download:

Want to relive the 90’s game experience then get the game for your smartphone and invite your friends for having a great battle with them and enjoy the best of it. It is a free of cost game and is available for Android devices to make them to be a part of the gameplay. If you have played the SNES version (Super Bomberman) then you will definitely like Bomber Friends.


Bomber Friends APK Download

Steps to Download the Bomber Friends for Android:

Step 1:

Download the APK file of the game from the link given above on your desktop. The link is a good one safe and offers no sort of malicious content to infect your system.

Step 2:

Transmit the app from the desktop to your Android device and perform this function through the help of USB Cable.

Bomber friends play

Step 3:

Locate the APK file on the smartphone and tap on it to begin the installation of the game on the device.

Step 4:

The installation will be over in a matter of seconds and it will be in the App manager of the device to be accessed.

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