There are many tools and things of the computer not known by people, but are acknowledged by them when the need of that particular tool arises in a situation for them. Need of such things is required when a problem/error pops-up in the system and makes the user to difficult to work on the machine for getting the desired result from the machine. Bootrec.exe is one of tool present in the computer for helping the user when its need arises.

Bootrec.exe is tool used when the Recovery Environment tool is required for solving the startup error/problem through the troubleshooting method. The tool is not known by many people, but computer enthusiasts known the capability of the tool. It is the second best option of fixing the booting (startup) error when the Startup recovery option present in Recovery Option dialog box fails to solve the error. The tool requires manual operation by the user through Command Prompt commands for defining and formulating the programs with the processes.


The steps of using Bootrec.exe for your Windows 7 operating system:

  • First put your Windows 7 disc media into DVD drive, then switch on your computer
  • Hit the F8 key when it is prompted.
  • Select the Language and fill the required information needed for continuing the process.
  • Choose the Repair Your Computer option present on the dialog box.
  • On the System Recovery option box, click on the Command Prompt.
  • Write Bootrec.exe and hit Enter.


The tool is there for solving many problems faced by you encountered while working on your system for making it to overcome the problem present. Bootrec.exe tool is the option for fixing the following problems:

  • /FixMbr: It makes you to have the option of writing a new MBR partition for your Windows 7 or Vista operating system compatible MBR partition. It helps you to resolve the MBR corruption problems present and encountered by the user in the machine.
  • /FixBoot: The booting sector is newly written through the tool. The tool enables the user to change the damaged boot sector and replacing the non-standard Windows boot sector with a standard and original one.
  • /ScanOS: It helps to scan the disks present for the installations having the compatibility needed for Windows operating system. This option is used for checking the entries not in the BCD store at the present time.



Bootrec.exe is a useful tool is always helpful and fulfills the working as required and needed by the user for solving the problem present in the system.

Bootrec.exe – What is it and How to Use it
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