Call of Mini: Dino Hunter is action arcade game developed by Triniti Interactive the next installment to their popular game series Call of Mini. The series contains a couple of great action games which are widely played by people on their devices to get a good entertainment and experience while playing them. The game is dinosaur-centric where the player has to hunt the dinosaurs and survive against them for winning the level. Call of Mini: Dino Hunter serves as a brilliant addition to the worldly known gaming series for smartphones and tablets, containing some great visual graphics to make the gameplay more exciting.

The game contains a high amount of action where you as being the player have to kill the coming wave of dinosaurs in order to survive in each level and take revenge of the murder of people close to the main character. The gameplay is simply excellent allowing you to play the game with ease and encountering the wonderful creativity in an unexpected form to be experienced by you.  A large number of people like the game and play it for long hours getting addicted to it being glued to their devices.


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Features of Call of Mini: Dino Hunter:

  • It offers you to choose and fire almost 21 weapons flashy, unique and efficient way in their own way.
  • To make the more exciting and interesting there are boss fights at the end of each level totaling up to 24 in all.
  • Play with 5 different characters each having their own specialty making the gameplay more entertaining.
  • A large number of dinosaurs are there to be hunted and killed in each level with the weapons offered
  • Customize your character through offered skills and upgrade the weapons through crafting them with the available items.

Dino Hunter

Call of Mini: Dino Hunter APK Android

Call of Mini: Dino Hunter APK Data

Call of Mini: Dino Hunter APK for Android:

Step 1:

Download the APK and data file of Call of Mini: Dino Hunter through the above provided link on your desktop. The files are large in size and will need some time to get downloaded fully; link is safe for performing the download and will not harm the system on the use of it.

Step 2:

On the completion of the download process you have to copy the file on the Android smartphone which can be done with a USB Cable. Connect the device with the system through the USB Cable and transfer the downloaded files to the device easily and speedily.

Call of Mini

Step 3:

Disconnect the device properly from the desktop after the transfer process finishes and search for the transferred file in the device.

Step 4:

Tap on the file to start the installation of the game which will need a couple of minutes as the data is large needing to be processed while installation.

Call of Mini: Dino Hunter APK for Android Download
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