Cardboard brings virtual reality to your Android device. This app works only with a proper Cardboard device. Before to install this app, make sure you do have a proper Cardboard device compatible with your Android phone. If you already have owned a Cardboard, Cardboard for Android pushes to a whole new amazing world where everything is right in front of you. The app gets you the best of experience to explore a virtual world within your Android. Fortunately, Cardboard APK is now available to download for your Android. Kindly follow the below given report and you’ll be able to install this app on a respective Android smartphone. Cardboard APK 1

This special demo app is a proof that developers can do anything. This Cardboard app gets you a whole new world of VR experiences by discovering new apps and their demos. The Cardboard app too have a number of demos to test out your Cardboard device. Following list will get you more information about all the available demos to this app, take a look!

Features of Cardboard for Android

  • Google Earth to explore the fancy world right next to you
  • Tour guide to guide you about different destinations
  • Watch your videos on a massive screen with My Videos
  • Examine cultural artifacts from every angle with Exhibit
  • Photo Sphere to look around your photos

These were all the demos available inside this app, Cardboard. As you have been told, to get the real experience of this app, you need to have a proper Cardboard Viewer which can easily be bought from any online store. Or you can even make one by following the guidelines. Cardboard app is available for free and you can easily download it from the official Google Play Store page. If you are looking for the APK file, kindly follow the Download button and get it from there.

Cardboard APK 4 Cardboard APK 3 Cardboard APK 2

Cardboard APK Download


Click out the above download button, downloading process will take place itself. It will take several minutes to complete the entire downloading process. Soon, you will get the APK file downloaded to your desktop. After this, follow the below given steps to install this app on your device.

How to Install Cardboard APK on Android Smartphone?

Step 1 :

Make sure to use a proper APK file for the desired Android app or game.

Step 2 :

Go and follow the download button, soon you will get the APK file of Cardboard app downloaded to your desktop.

Step 3 :

Now, you have to transfer this file to your Android by using a proper USB data cable.

Step 4 :

After this, go to your apps menu and open file manager folder. Search for the APK file of Cardboard app. Tap out the file and select the Install button when asked. You’re done!

You have successfully installed Cardboard app to your Android. In order to make use of this app, attach the Cardboard Viewer to your Smartphone, launch this app from the apps menu and you would be able to get into the Virtual World.

Cardboard APK Download for Android Free
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