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Best WinterBoard Themes for iPhone / iPad 2015

  WinterBoard is a great theming Cydia tweak for iOS users accessible on a jailbroken iPhone or iPad without any sort of trouble. Unlike other mobile operating systems, iOS doesn’t have the customization feature of the icons and apply themes on the device, making it to be

How To Clear All The Notifications on Apple Watch

Apple has changed the personal device scenario through the launch of Apple Watch working on Watch OS based on the company’s iOS with similar functions to it. With the release of Apple Watch in the mid of 2015 iPhone and iPad users got a companion just like

How to Capture A ScreenShot in Apple Watch

Apple Watch created a lot of buzz and news before the official launch as it is the first smartwatch developed by Apple Inc. running on the company’s iOS mobile operating system. It got a worldwide acclaim by people and a large number of individuals bought it for

How to Import Safari Usernames, Passwords and Bookmarks to iOS

Safari from Apple is an internet browser which comes pre-installed in OS X and iOS operating system considered as the smartest and energy efficient web browser by the company. The browser was also released and developed by Apple for Microsoft’s Windows operating system which has been discontinued.

How to Automatically Delete Messages in Android and iOS

There are tons of applications which are available for various mobile operating systems which aid the users to connect and communicate with others for having a great time while using them on their devices. Despite of the presence of the instant messaging apps many people still like

How To Limit Volume on iOS Device for Kids

Nowadays every person on the world has a smartphone or tablet making them to get some brilliant features for having a great time and performing their work more easily. Among the smartphones a large number of people prefer to access the devices developed from Apple running on

How To Reset Siri Data to Make it Learn Your Voice Properly

Apple launched an intelligent personal assistant Siri with the iOS 8 aiding the user to get instant help with the iOS device providing him/her to answer questions, giving recommendations and perform activities etc. Siri was basically there in the previous versions of iOS operating system there from

How To Turn Off Keyboard Sounds on Your iOS Device

With the iOS 9 update Apple provided many big changes to the people using the mobile operating system for increasing and richening the user experience encountered while accessing the devices.  The added features and changes making the user to perform the functions easily with the expected efficiency.

How to Restore Apple Watch Through iPhone

Apple Watch is a portable small device which allows the iOS device to access it for getting the notification coming on the device to be managed easily. The smartwatch aids the user to track their health and fitness along with other activities which relies on the iOS

How to Access Your Instagram Account Anytime from iPhone’s Keyboard

Instagram is a widely accessed social networking platform offering the people to share captured photos and small videos to others. The social networking site offers the user many distinctive features making the person to share the multimedia content easily showcasing them to other present social sites like