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How to Take Screenshots of YouTube Videos

  YouTube is a popular means of viewing and uploading videos widely accessed by a large number of people around the world. Through the help of the site you can watch, share and upload any videos and it makes use of WebM, H.264/MPEG-4 and Adobe Flash technology

Best Free Project & Document Collaboration Tools

Working together is the essence of a team aiding the people in the team to share their views and ideas for a particular project for getting the efficient and proper output. The collaboration is sometimes costly as all team members are not present at the same location

Best Free Google Docs Alternatives

Google Docs is a great web-based software containing the features of an office suite aiding the person to use it as a word processor, presentation tool and spreadsheet. The service is offered by Google through its Google Drive, a person can perform editing of documents along with

How to Edit Docs on Dropbox Directly without Downloading

Dropbox is a great means of storing the files and documents saved in the cloud storage on the servers of the company. The cloud based storage service offers people to sync their photos, docs and videos anywhere that will be kept safe and easy to share with

How to Convert an Evernote File to Microsoft OneNote

Evernote is a great tool for creating notes, archiving text and organizing them aiding the users to grab a content of a document, webpage, photo etc to be accessed on various platforms with ease. The free app can be accessed easily on numerous operating systems along with

How to Set Wallpaper on Mac OS X Through Command Line

Mac OS offers the people some brilliant features to make the working experience to be of top-level and allowing the user to have a great time while using the features offered. Apple has developed the operating system for their Macintosh computers since 2002; the company has updated

How To Clear All The Notifications on Apple Watch

Apple has changed the personal device scenario through the launch of Apple Watch working on Watch OS based on the company’s iOS with similar functions to it. With the release of Apple Watch in the mid of 2015 iPhone and iPad users got a companion just like

How to Access Multiple Instances of the Same Program / App in Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7 / 10

Multitasking is now available on every device and system for allowing the person using them to perform multiple working at the same time without encountering any sort of trouble. Through the help of multitasking a person can do the activity easily and quickly without any sort of

How to Turn Off Video Autoplay on Twitter

There are numerous social networking sites present on the internet which have made a huge impact on our lives offering us to get the characteristics for connecting with other people socially and interact with them. Among the many names Facebook and Twitter have survived the competition making

How to Instant Search on Other Popular Sites from Chrome Address Bar

The address bar of a browser is the way through which you can easily reach and access a particular site. Through the help of the address bar a person can get the navigation to acknowledged URLs and performing the activity with the help of the accessed URL.