We all use our WhatsApp messenger to connect and interact with others communicating with them through our smartphones. Do exchange of messages and several multimedia content files like videos, images and audio for making them to find as enjoying as we found them when we saw them for the first time. Other than using the messenger for chatting with other individuals there are several tips and tricks making you to access it. Tech Raze has got a trick which can also serve as a prank to be played on your friends. The trick/plank allows you to Change Your Friend’s WhatsApp Profile Picture through your smartphone.

Yes you got it you can change your friend’s WhatsApp Profile Picture, this can be without any sort of root or hack. If you try it on your friend, then don’t forget to see their expression and reaction as it will be shocked and priceless. The friend will not able to acknowledge that his/her profile picture is not been changed till someone tells them the change has been done. The main thing about the trick/prank is that if you have changed the WhatsApp profile picture there is a little chance of getting caught at the first place. WhatsApp will not hang or will encounter any sort of trouble and you will be able to use the messenger as you accessed it earlier before performing the trick/prank.


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Changing Your Friend’s WhatsApp Profile Picture Prank/Trick:

The profile pictures are generally there in your smartphone in the WhatsApp folder under the Profile Pictures subhead. Before performing the trick you have to make a backup of the friend’s profile picture of whom you want changed with another picture.

Step 1:

First of all you have to get third party File Manager for performing the process which is important for doing the trick. Open the WhatsApp folder on your smartphone and tap on the Profile Pictures folder. There were several pictures with the number of your friends and others, choose one and long tap on it. On long tapping you will see various options choose copy and copy the picture out on the SD card.

Step 2:

Select the image which you want to replace it with remember that it should be an appropriate image and change the size of the image to 640×640 pixels which is being the standard size for a profile picture on WhatsApp.

Change whatsapp profile pic

Step 3:

Then place the image in the WhatsApp>Profile Picture folder after  naming it with the number of your friend. Now when you will open the WhatsApp then you will see the changed photo of your friend.

The trick will only work for your phone and other people will get to see the original picture of your friend. After doing this you can restore the file in the folder from where you moved it.

Change Your Friend’s WhatsApp Profile Picture Prank / Trick
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