FIFA video game series is one of most popular sport simulation game which is based on football/soccer played by a large number of people due to the experience offered by it. It is developed by Electronic Arts under their EA Sports label which also formulates games on several other sports. The series was initially launched by the company in late 1993 to make the people to have a great football video game in their gaming collection promising them to have a marvelous time while playing the game. It is regularly updated and released by the company to provide the users improvements made in it making them to enjoy the game more than the previous version.

The player can play the match with outnumbered number of teams present on the game along with the option of creating a new team where you can select and choose the players of your preference which will work out during your football match. It has some features which raise the gameplay bar expected by the player making to experience the game played to be more than just usual. Various players like Lionel Messi, Wayne Rooney etc have been the face of the game franchise making their place on the front cover of the game. The game series is available in multiple languages in around 51 countries and is been sold more than 100 million copies of the game have been purchased making it one of the bestselling video game series.

FIFA game

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Change Resolution & Graphics Quality in FIFA

Basically the game is made with high quality graphics along with wide resolution to make the impact of the gameplay to be more than the expectation of the player. But sometimes the system is unable to cope up and unable to support the game to ensure the proper run and working of it. You will be unable to play the game with full efficiency and disable to play with full excitement as expected by you. Don’t worry you can change the visual settings of the game along with the resolution and the graphics quality of the game.


Steps of Changing Resolution & Graphics Quality in FIFA

Step 1:

Open the folder of the FIFA game present Local Disk (C :), now go to the Game folder present in it.

Step 2:

Where you have to navigate to the Fifasetup folder in which you have to open the Fifaconfig.exe file showing you the settings to manage according to your system.

settings 15

Step 3:

Click on the Game settings when the dialog box opens, then select the display configuration tab where you can choose the resolution, rendering quality, Frame rate and etc.

Step 4:

After you have chosen the resolution and other settings, click on OK to apply the changes made in the settings which will the game on the basis of it.

How to Change Resolution & Graphics Quality in FIFA 15, 14, 13 and More
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