Clash of Clans is an amazing strategy game offering the player to get some unique experience while playing it on their devices. The game is developed by SuperCell for providing the smartphones users to get a brilliant massively online multiplayer game for having a great strategy gaming encounter through it. Firstly the game was launched for iOS smartphone users to after which it was there released for Android users to offer them the gameplay which has more than just fun to them to be experienced on their devices. The game has made millions of people to have an exciting time while playing the game online with friends.

In the game the player has to build their own community, train the troops and battle with other player for gaining/earning gold, gems and elixir to stay in the game. There is also a single player campaign mode for people who don’t want a large canvas on the game where they have to attack a series of fortified goblin villages. The game has some tricks through which the player can easily make their mark on it and great more than usual entertainment of the game. Here today we are going to tell you some Clash of Clans Strategy tips & tricks for making the game more exciting and adventurous than it was before this.

clash of clans

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Clash of Clans Tips & Tricks:

The tips and tricks given here will not cause any sort of harm to achievements conquered by you in the game. Through it you will be able to play the game more accurately and get more control on it.

Tip1: Don’t Waste the Resources

On the beginning of the game you will have about 500 gems and you will have more of them as you play ahead. There are many things that you can buy as upgrades like giants, barbarians etc. Some of them are costly and require some amount of time to be created like a wizard requires 8 minutes to develop. You should make the saving of present resources as the primary goal and get the units which don’t require a lot of time.

Tip2: Upgrade The Town Hall Step by Step:

Town Hall is an important thing on Clash of Clans which is to be protected while playing the game. The loot penalty is the reduction in the amount from enemies in the form of loot when the Town Hall is on a higher level than the enemy. Make sure your Town Hall is well protected and is above than the enemies one.


Tip3: Make the Clan Castle in the Center:

The Clan Castle is the best defense structure in the game it works when the enemy is in the range of the castle. The range of the castle is perhaps a long one and if you place it outside then you will get a disadvantage as the enemy will place the units inside the castle to defeat you by killing the troops.

Tip4: Maintain your Focus on Dark Elixir:

On reaching the Town Hall 7 or beyond the limiting resource in the game will be Dark Elixir, you must acquire it more as to max out the heroes and the upgrades generally based on it. Give it the priority to it for making it present in good amount.

Tip5: Shields

Getting attacked is the most painful and annoying thing of the game, many times we lost about 40% of the town and see our defeat. But you do have a 12hour shield on the destruction of town when reaching to 40% and more time will be added if damage is high. The safety time is given so use it as an advantage to get some ideas to improve the current situation.  


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