Launchpad is an application drawer formulated by Apple for their Mac OS X aiding the user to get the applications present in the operating system listed with a labeled icon. The person using Mac OS X can open the downloaded and installed applications simply single clicking on the icon. On the desktop it is like a Rocket icon providing the users a distinctive and alternative way for opening the applications. When accessed Launchpad opens as a full screen user interface allowing you to utilize the applications along with this you can also remove the applications from it, but the apps not originally got from the App Store. The applications are arranged in folders bearing name to reach the desired application with ease and without any sort of trouble.

It serves as great means to organize, manage and utilize the applications working similar to the functionality experienced by a person on iOS device. The tool is growing popular with the passing days and people are utilizing it to get instant access to their applications at the time when they are needed. The main problem with Launchpad is the excessive use of it makes it messy and packed, containing more applications than it can actually showcase properly. It makes the application launcher to be disorganized and unmanageable creating a chaotic place where there are many folders containing apps in them.


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Cleaning up Launchpad in Mac OS X:

You can clean up the Launchpad on Mac OS X easily to make the things organized as they were before the stuffing of applications and folders created for them. The guide is provided here aiding you to perform reset Launchpad layout to the settings which were default on it when first accessed. While performing the steps present in the guide there will be no sort of problem encountered and no harm will be done to the system.

Step 1:

Open Terminal by going to Applications->Utilities and type the following command which will initiate the process of resetting the Launchpad ‘defaults write ResetLaunchPad -bool true; killall Dock’.

Step 2:

After inputting the command you have to hit the return which will make Launchpad to return its default settings. On finishing open Launchpad and you will see that the layout is been restored as it was before being messy. The apps will not be uninstalled or deleted from the Launchpad just the layout will changed to the factory settings.


Step 3:

On the first screen you will be able to see the Apple applications and on the second screen you will get the third-party apps. Due to the reset your own customized folders for apps will also be deleted and the initial structure of folders will be there.

After this you can customize Launchpad as you want to like creating folders for the apps or just moving to screens to get the applications needed.

Clean up Mac Launchpad in OS X (How to)
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