Android, the operating system having about 55% of the market share proving its dominance over the smartphone industry. Developed by the technology giant Google the OS is becoming widely used and popular among the people. There is vast number of applications present for the operating system as compared to other OS making the users to have the option to choose the best and useful ones in the apps ecosystem. Android 4.4.4 is currently the latest version present and available for updating for Android running device users. The users enjoy the experience offered in the operating system which is simple and making them to swiftly do their work on it.

We know that nothing is perfect and there are certain problems/errors present in it showcasing the faults and lacking in it. Android 4.2.2 OS also has certain errors and problems, degrading the features offered by the operating system. The operating system often experiences problem and errors popping up making the users to get annoyed on not getting the solution and making the company to face the harsh comments of the customer.

Android Jelly Bean

Problems in Android 4.2.2 OS along with their Solutions:

The leap from Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) to 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) made the experience to be improved but it encountered problems.


Poor Battery Life in Using

Almost every Android OS user complains about the battery life of the device and after upgrading to Jelly Bean the facts says that it has got worse due to the apps and services present in the upgrade. The problem can rid off when you have the solution about it. Try the steps provided:

  • In your Android device, go to the Settings and then to Battery that will show the application screwing your battery life. You can turn off services like Google Now, Google Wallet etc, for the optimum utilization.
  • Adjust the screen brightness for making the display to use least of the battery and provide the battery more than to juice it up.
  • Use third-party applications present for optimizing the battery usage and giving the best out of the device.

Android Battery Drain

Crashing of Apps and Slower User Interface

There are many cases present showing the users have encountered the problem of apps crashing and user interface of the OS going slower after using it for a couple of months. Generally it is caused due to the permissions are given or not given to the apps. The solution for this:

  • Clear your storage space in your device by removing the unwanted apps and files for speeding up the performance of your device. Use CleanMaster for cleaning up the device
  • Update your apps and system for removing the bugs present in the older version. You can update it by going to the Settings-About Phone-System Update.

Android Jelly Bean System Update


Errors during Syncing the Device

These sorts of errors are common in Android devices and users encounter this problem providing them hindrance to sync the important data, making the data to stale. The solution to this:

  • Check your internet connection; it must be due to the unstable and non-functioning of your net connection.
  • Remove your account and add it again for resolving it.
  • Ensure that the service on which you are syncing is running properly and functioning.

Android Jelly Bean Sync

The common problems we have seen and found the solutions so far for dealing with them. Check back often for more, update on it will be soon.


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