iOS is the operating system developed by Apple Inc and distributed by the incorporation mainly for the hardware made by them. It was first unveiled by Apple in the year 2007 for the smartphone manufactured by them which is iPhone. The operating system is facing tough competition from Android operating system developed by Google and often faces comparison when the smartphones of both companies are present in the market. The applications and games provide by Apple through the App store of the company are more than 1 million, giving the users variety for choosing their favorite ones. iOS 8 is the latest version of the operating system launched this year for the updating the iOS 7 the past version of the iOS available for users till the end of the year.

The problems and errors are a part of operating systems and iOS 7 is no exception. iOS 7 poses many problems and errors faced by the users during working on the device running on the operating system. The problems can be solved when the solutions are present for it.

iOS 7

Problems in iOS 7 along with their Solutions:

Apple is known for the innovation made by them in the technology industry, but the innovation has some lacking when it comes into existence.

Unable to Access the App Store

The people have reportedly encountered the problem/error of unable to connect to the App Store. They often see the message “Cannot connect to the iTunes Store”. The problem can be overcome with the steps given below:

  • Ensure your connection is good and there is no problem with it. If using on Wi-Fi, check that you are in the range. Make sure your phone data is on.
  • Check the date and time is correct on your iOS device; acknowledge that the settings are correct.
  • Reset your phone data after backing up your data and start from scratch for setting up the connection.

iOS 7 iTunes

Application Crashes while using

The applications crash when the user is working and making the work done to zero, which annoys the user and makes him to throw his phone. Don’t do that the solution to it is here:

  • Try to double tap the home button and select the app that failed to load before.
  • Restart your phone for giving the time to stabilize itself
  • Check that your apps are updated and they update automatically. Settings>iTunes and App Store to enable the updates present in Automatically Downloads.


Battery Drain

iOS 7 had various issues related to the battery life of the device used by them, after the update iOS 7.1 released by the company has worsen the condition. The problem can be solved through the steps provided:

  • It is worth a restart. Restart your iOS device by holding the sleep button till you see the Apple Logo.
  • Reset all the settings, making the device to return at the settings it was earlier than being personalized.
  • Check the apps eating the battery of your phone.

iOS 7 Shutdown

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