Windows 7 is a good and impressive operating system for desktop in using being released to overcome the degradation performed by the Windows Vista, giving the users to benefit more in this operating system. The operating system has some issues experienced by the user during the working affecting the performance and efficiency of Windows 7. Some problems/errors are initiated due to presence of bugs while some pop up due to the features present in the operating system. The problems/errors are annoying in any way and they needed to be fixed quickly for ensuring the ability of the OS.

The problems encountered by the users have a major reason that the operating has to cooperate among an outstanding variety of applications; softwares and hardware making them work at the same time.

Windows 7

Common Windows 7 Problems and Fixes:

Windows 7 Shuts Down In a Slow Manner

The process of shutting down is a speedy process and it takes about 5 seconds to 15 seconds in shutting your desktop. If you see that the ‘Shutting Down’ screen becomes constant for a couple of minutes then that is an error. The reason for the error may be the file on your system making your RAM slow.

You can fix it by making a Windows search for the ’regedit.exe’ for opening the Registry Editor. After opening it reach for the directory.  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management

Search for entry “ClearPageFileAtShutdown” and check that if it is set to a value of 1 showcasing that it is enabled. Set it to 0 for disabling it.

Windows Shut Down

Windows 7 Runs Slow While Using

The operating system is always in need of resources, making the load on the parts like graphics card and system memory to increase. The load may make the system work slow and perform less than expected.

The error can be fixed by optimizing the performance. You have to open Start>Type Performance on the Search> Choose Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows in search result> Performance option window will popup> in the visual effect> Select Adjust performance Options. After that select the Custom and check option on the Use visual styles on windows and buttons.

Windows 7 performance

DVD Drive Not Found On the System

The users have encountered the problem of not getting their DVD drive on the desktop making them annoying and disabling them to transfer files.

You can get the problem solved through two methods:

  • Method 1

Go to Start, search forregedit, launch it from the results. Navigate toHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class‘. In the righthand panel delete theUpperFiltersandLowerFilters. Restart the desktop and see if the problem was resolved.

  • Method 2

Go to Start and search the Disk Management, click on the Create and format hard disk partitions. You have to change the drive letter in the option present in the Disk Management window. Restart your system and the error will be fixed.

Windows 7 Control Panel

Sound Problem

If you experience no sound or hear intermittent sound, open the Sound Menu of Windows and see if the options are there in a variety. If yes, it must be caused and changed accidentally by user or software.

If you use external speakers, ensure that you have chosen the speakers the default device.

A drive issue will be present if the problem remains there. Download the driver from the internet by the driver name which you can find on the Sound Menu.

Windows 7 Sound




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