Windows 8.1 is the update of Windows 8 operating system for giving the things lacking in the previous version and to overcome the problems faced by users in Windows 8.1. The operating system offers a universal experience across the devices like smartphones, tablets and etc, to make the users comfortable while working on Windows 8.1. Microsoft has tried to change the scenario with Windows 8.1 and to embark the success not obtained from the previous version due to the lacking in it. The previous version didn’t able to make its solid position among the people as thought by the company.

Errors are present in Windows 8.1 showing the imperfection and the functions not working according to the expectation made for them. The errors popping up make the users to face difficulties while working on the operating system.


Common Problems in Windows 8.1 and Their Fixes:

Problems can be solved when the solution is known by the person and there is a way to increase the performance and efficiency of the system.

Backup Formulates Many Copies Of Data Which Hasn’t Changed:

Windows 8.1 has a backup function for backing up the data on your desktop, it generally automatically backups the data which hasn’t been changed by the user and not just a single copy many copies of that data. The error is caused due to a bug is making these files in your system.

You can get rid of it by disabling the backup service default in the system and try to use a third party service for backing up data. The official fix for the problem is yet to be formulated and is under process.

Windows 8.2 Backup

USB Driver Freezes in the System:

Sometime the users experience the error where the USB flash drive of Windows 8.1 freezes and suspend the drivers when they are idle.

It can be fixed through locating the drive in the Device Manager under USB Mass Storage Device. Make note of 4 digits occurring after ‘VID_’ and ‘PID_’. After that go into the registry editor, find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\usbstor. Make a key through right-clicking on the usbstor. This will ensure that it doesn’t occur in the future.

Windows 8.1 USB

Blurry Text

A common problem in the operating system is the display of some programs badly, making the users to face difficulty in getting the full view of the programs. The blurry view is a lacking of Windows 8.1

The problem can be resolved by customizing the program, right-click on the program and going to the Compatibility option. After this check for ‘Disable Display scaling on high DPI settings’ with restarting the program. You can change the user interface for making the appearance of the system according to your preference.


Avoiding the pop-ups

When a person visits the Windows Store and uses the apps for the first time, there are many pop-ups showing the tips for explaining the way of opening the Charms bar and how to switch between the apps. It is annoying sometimes but also valuable.

You can avoid them by following them once and ensuring the instructions is followed. They will not come after they have performed their work.

Windows 8.1 Popup

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