Windows Phone is the smartphone operating system formulated by the technology giant Microsoft for making a significant place and mark among the OS present in the industry. The operating system has maintained a distinct language of design through Metro. The update of the OS was launched by the company on April 14, 2014 Windows Phone 8.1. Windows Phone 8.1 is the updated version of Windows Phone 8 for giving the users the best in the terms of experience using the operating system. Windows Phone is slowly making its place among the industry and getting into the minds of the consumers. The updated version of the operating system will be in the devices in the end of 2014.

Like other operating system Windows Phone 8 also poses problems/errors experienced during the use and reducing the appeal made by it. The problems can be overcome when you know the solutions and the ways of getting rid of them making the device as well it was before the problem arose.


Problems in Windows Phone 8 OS with Their Solutions:

The Storage of the phone gradually fills up:

The most common problem popping up on Windows 8 is the gradually fill up the storage space present in the device resulting lag in performance and user experience. To acknowledge the space in the device you have to go to the Settings menu of the device and tapping on the Phone storage the current state of the storage present in the device is shown. The ‘other’ category present showcases the attachments from the mails, game data and etc. ‘Other’ category fills and can only be fixed by wiping the device. The solutions rather than this don’t require the wiping off.

  • You can overcome the problem by getting the Storage Check tool released by Nokia giving you the present position of the storage space and wipe off the temporary files.
  • Shrink Storage, a free application, making you know the space filled up and by restarting your phone it will trigger the clear up for emptying it out.

Storage Check Window Phone 8

Camera not functioning properly:

You are not alone if you experience problem related to the camera present in your Windows 8 phone. In various cases the camera button and the app doesn’t trigger the camera. In some a message pops up showing the camera failing to initialize. The solution is given for overcoming the problem.

  • Press and hold the camera button for a short time and check whether it starts again.
  • Check that software of the device is up to date
  • Try resetting your phone after backing up your data
  • If the problem is still there, the time is to contact your retailer or the manufacturer.


The annoying Auto-brightness error:

The users of Windows Phone 8 on Nokia Lumia 920 have been reported of getting up and downs with the screen brightness of the phone. The problem has arisen due to the Portico update of the operating system which may have introduced a bug into the device. The error can be ripped off from the solution provided.

  • Try to disable the auto-brightness and set it to medium brightness. It will also prevent the device to charge it repeatedly.
  • You calibrate the brightness by making the sensors to calculate the darkness in a completely dark place which have been tried by many people and succeeded. If not succeeded in it, this may reduce the fluctuation.


The common problems we have seen and found the solutions so far for dealing with them. Check back often for more, update on it will be soon.

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