There comes a time when you are in need of an ISO file to be installed on your Windows PC. If your downloaded file is available in NRG format and you want to convert it into ISO file, you actually can do it instantly. Yes, there are a number of different tools available in the tech market where you can easily convert your NRG files to ISO file easily. To do so, do follow the below given simple step by step tutorial and get your NRG file to ISO converted on the go! 


How to Convert NRG to ISO

Step 1 :

First thing you need to know is your PC’s OS. You can get the details by right clicking on to My Computer’s logo. You would see your PC’s OS easily.

Step 2 :

After getting the details of its OS, kindly follow the below given links and get PowerISO software downloaded for your PC. It could either be a 32-bit or a 64-bit OS. Do select it from here and get the installation file now.

Download PowerISO for 32-Bit

Download PowerISO for 64-Bit

Step 3 :

Run the downloaded installation file on your respective PC having .exe extension.

Step 4 :

Choose Tools> Convert and Convert page will be presented to you.

Step 5 :

You would see a box with a Browse option to select the file to be converted into ISO format. Click the browse button and a new Window will appear. You can select your NRG file from here.

Step 6 :

After selecting a proper NRG file, you have to select the Output file format from the given options. Since we are here to convert NRG to ISO, you are requested to select the ISO option given there.

Step 7 :

Choose the converting file name and hit the Ok button given below the page.

Converting process will take place itself and you could easily see the progress of this file. It will take several minutes to convert the entire file for your needs. Conversation timing depends upon the file you have chosen to be converted. The big the file is the more time it will take to be converted. After this, you could see the converted file with .ISO format. You can make use of this ISO file on your Windows PC by now!

What’s your take? Have you ever used such tools to convert files from one format to the other one? Do share your views and opinions in front of us. Meanwhile, if you have anything further to ask regarding the process, kindly let us know by commenting here. You could see a comment section below this post. Put your comments, suggestions or feedback, it would be appreciated!


How to Convert NRG to ISO
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