Downloading is important as it makes the people to get access to the content want and have them on their system. The people can own various software, songs, videos and several other contents. There are various sites offering the people content on the basis of their demand and need, the individual can download the file on their system. People can receive the file on their system through download process and with the help of various software they can boost their downloading speed along with performing diverse content download at the same time and moment. The download links serves as the medium of getting access to the content.

The downloading is done in two mediums: – direct downloading and through torrents, both are popular in use and perform their function with full efficiency along with avoiding any sort of trouble during or after the download. Torrents are downloaded with the help of software like Bittorrent, uTorrent and many more with giving the option to user to download the large file in small parts then submerging it in one part. Torrents are equally used as the use of direct downloads take place in a system enabling the user to choose any one if there is any problem with the former. Both the medium depends on the speed of internet connection used by the person accessing the software.


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Converting Regular Download Links into Torrents:

Sometime the direct download medium poses trouble for the user like unable to resume it, never finishing download due to the internet speed and etc. Large size of files sometimes pose trouble when direct downloaded, you can use the torrent software if are able to find it as a torrent file link. If you don’t get the torrent link of the file, then you can convert the direct link to the torrent link. We have done the process and is quite good when this situation arises; here are the steps of How to Convert Regular Download Links into Torrents.


Steps of Converting the Download Link into Torrents:

Step 1:

Go to Google and search the file you want to download on your system for accessing the features present in it. Open the page which you will feel like will give the correct download link.

Step 2:

Then right-click on it and make a copy of the link by selecting the option ‘Copy Link Address’ of the required file. The link will pasted in your clipboard.


Step 3:

Now open the and paste the link/URL on the bar present in the middle of the page. Select the burn option given alongside of the bar to start the conversion of the link

Step 4:

Wait for sometime as the files will be transferred and the conversion will start. After the conversion download the .torrent file with the torrent downloading software like Bittorrent etc.

If the file is already there in the database of the site along with .torrent file, then the site will show the file without burning the link again.

How to Convert Regular Download Links into Torrents
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