We all use Run commands for easing the process of opening a particular application allowing the user to get to through the acknowledged path. The commands function as a single line command interface making the person to have instant access to the document or application without any sort of trouble. It is accessible from the Start Menu of the Windows operating system and has a keyboard shortcut key for opening it (Hold Windows Key with R). The run command consist of a dialog box will supports about 40-45 characters and more characters will be there but there will be less visibility of the previously entered characters.

Microsoft made the access of Run command pretty easy in Windows operating system, but later on made some changes in Windows 8 and 8.1 by replacing the source where it is was. The users have to search in the Search Box to access it and use their application or document. It serves as the quickest way of getting access to the needed utility at the time making it a power user option for the person. Here we have some cool run commands for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 allowing the user to get some new things to be known about the run commands not acknowledged before.


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Cool Run Commands for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1:

You can open the Run dialog box through holding Windows key + R and enter them to execute them. There will no sort of problem while accessing them.

  • “/’:- You will think that how can it help you on the system but you are wrong enter the backslash in the run dialog and hit enter. You will able to open C Drive of the system pretty easy and access the files/folders present there.
  • “.”:- With it you can open and access your home folder hosting all the local folders like Downloads, Documents, Desktop and etc.
  • “..”:- These two dots are also useful with it you will be able to get the Users folder located in the C drive of the hard disk of your system directly.
  • Powershell: Powershell is an alternative to Command Prompt and mainly people use it if they find the cmd old for performing the processes. Type in powershell in the dialog and hit enter it will be opened without the administrator privileges.
  • Netplwiz: In the system you are provided with user accounts option which can be utilized through the Control Panel. If you want to do some changes with the advanced user account options then with this command you access it. Through this particular command you will be to manage the Advanced User Account options.
  • msc: If you want to check and see the performance of the Windows system accessed by you along with the effects of the programs run on it. With the Performance monitor you will a good amount of data and information and compare it with the several factors.


Cool Run Commands for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1
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