As we know Command Prompt (CMD) is command-line analyst on the Windows operating system developed by Microsoft for desktop and laptop systems. CMD is useful in many ways and proves to be important while working on the system for the user to function easily on it with its help. With use of keyboard of the system the person can have more control than usual on the system but it is not so user friendly making the person to use it less as due to this disadvantage. No need of mouse is there while accessing the CMD and to type the commands for executing the programs on the system.

It usually opens in a separate terminal window with the black background, on the launch it on the system go to Start, then to Run and type CMD in the box after which it will be opened. There are certain that restrained in Command Prompt to be performed by the user like you cannot copy from the CMD nor paste anything it through the keyboard for making the functioning and time consuming the commands to be lessened. Copy and paste helps to make the long commands to be typed in less time and execution to be done easily without any problem or trouble while doing so.


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Copy Pasting in Command Prompt (CMD):

You can do the copy paste in CMD through a simple guide and the help of an application aiding to do this on your system. The guide given will enable to copy paste in Command Prompt (CMD) while working for execution of several programs which can be done through CMD. AutoHotkey is the open source application aiding you to mechanize the tasks repetitive in nature in Windows operating system of Microsoft.


Download AutoHotkey for Windows

It will work on Windows 7, 8 / 8.1 operating system versions also on the versions which are lower to it like XP and etc.

For doing the copy paste in CMD you have to make a new script and add the following command/message in the application.

#IfWinActive ahk_class ConsoleWindowClass
SendInput {Raw}%clipboard%

The script will enable you to do the copy paste on the CMD through the Ctrl+V and execute or entering the command on it for starting the program on the system. The application is efficient in working and performs it functions easily along with making the user to access the system in a more different and brilliant way.

CMD Copy

You can perform many other functions and utilize the application for your personal use.

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Copy Paste in Command Prompt (CMD) – How to Enable it
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