ISO files are also known as ‘disc images’ as they are the exact replicated image of contents present on the CD or DVD. An ISO file helps the person to create an efficient backup of the data and stock them in digital form in your system for future use. The image files can be used as the physical discs helping the people who don’t have a CD/DVD drive in the system like ultrabooks. Also you can burn the image file contents to another disc. The ISO file serves as transcript of the original disc and they will serve same as the original content if the disc is lost or is being damaged.

The image of any disc can be also downloaded from the internet and also you can create one on your system. On the system you can mount the image for using the image’s content for your personal operation. The ISO file can be used for installing a new application/software or backing any software with the ISO file. They are great as to the features like being reliant, exact representation of the data and contents of the disc. Having easiness in storage, they help the user to organize them without any trouble or problem. It is an efficient way of backing up a disk and the files present it for further use.


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Creating an ISO File in Windows 7, 8 and 8.1:

Windows operating system doesn’t contain an inbuilt tool for making and formulating an ISO, the person has to download and install software for doing so. There are various software helping the user to create an ISO file. A person can develop a disc image in less than an hour and make it a proper one for use. We are going to showcase you the steps for creating an ISO file in Windows for making you acknowledge the process involved in creation.

creating an image

Step 1:

First get a proper ISO software for your system and download it from the internet. After downloading it, install the downloaded application. We have used WinCDEmu for the process.

Step 2:

Then open MyComputer and right-click on the disc of which you want to create. Select on the create ISO image option for initiating the process.


Step 3:

WinCDEmu will start creating an image of the disc, which will need some time to complete. The process will be completed after a couple of minutes and image will be ready to use.

Step 4:

Now ensure that the image made is working correctly and properly. Locate the ISO file on the system and double-click on it for mounting in on your hard disk. WinCDEmu will make the image file usable as a fresh drive, then unmount the image file.

You have successfully made an ISO file and can be use as for the purpose you have made it. You can any other software for doing the process like DAEMON Tools or Alcohol 52%.

How to Create an ISO File in Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1
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