Windows operating system offers people to share and transfer files from one computer to another through several methods/ways like by USB drives and etc, but not many know about the transfer and sharing of files from one system to another through LAN (Local Area Network) server. It is a less known medium of transferring and people use it less due to certain reasons, but it is effective in its working and offers performance to your expectations with fast speed for transferring the files. LAN server is good when it comes in working.

LAN (Local Area Network) server is basically a program for generating the network between computers connecting them with each other in a limited area. It is a form of transferring files and folders in a limited radius with a fast rate along with having an option of choosing as many files as you want. The server helps to connect one computer to another and to partial own it for transferring the files from the host computer.


Creating a LAN Server in Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1:

You can create a LAN server (Local Area Network) in your Windows operating system and connect with other desktops for sharing the files. It will support the connection of various computers through a home network in an efficient and convenient way. The connection provides you an easier and comfortable way for transferring/sharing files in the limited area.

Method 1: Creating LAN Server in Windows 7

Step 1:

First of all, you have click on the Start and then navigate to the Control Panel. Open the Network and Internet option; select the Choose Homegroup and Sharing Option option for moving further in the process.


Step 2:

On the Homegroup setting window, click on the option stating Change Advanced sharing settings option. For creating the server, enable the network discovery along with file and printer sharing. Also check that the other things influencing the server are enabled or disabled. After doing all this now click on Save Changes for saving the changes made.

Method 2: Creating LAN Server in Windows 8 and 8.1:

Step 1:

Open the Start menu through the title bar and type Homegroup in Search charm bar present and hit the search button. On the generation of search results select the Homegroup setting in generated results.

Windows 8 Homegroup

Step 2:

If there is no Homegroup is present or not created till now, then for creating a new one click on the ‘Create’ button. It will help you to choose the options to be present in the new Homegroup for connecting with other system for transferring the files.

Step 3:

The Homegroup window will pop-up and it will ask the contents you want to share with another system. For selecting the content move it to right and it automatically be enabled along with sharing it with other systems connected with it.

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How to Create a LAN Server in Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 (Local Connection)
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