iOS is a popular and worldly acknowledged mobile operating system platform running on Apple’s iPhone and iPad series. The OS is developed by Apple for providing the people a feature richen mobile OS making them to get more than they access on their feature phones. Recently the new and latest additions to the iPhone series iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus having the latest iOS version iOS 8 with some great features packed in it to provide the user a guarantee of having great time when they access the device.

We all know how efficient and function WiFi is allowing us to get internet access with a lighting fast speed. With the help of a WiFi connection you can download and access large content files within seconds through the speed of internet offered in it. As you can also generate a WiFi connection through your smartphone through creating a WiFi Hotspot on the device. With the WiFi Hotspot you can link you laptop or tablet and share you internet data connection with them for performing your work and function. You just need an active and properly working internet connection on your smartphone to create the WiFi Hotspot. Here today we have the guide to create WiFi Hotspot in iPhone through which you can share you internet connection.


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Creating WiFi Hotspot in iPhone:

Basically the important requirement of formulating a WiFi Hotspot you need a proper and good functioning internet connection on your iPhone. It serves as a crucial factor as no proper internet connection then the WiFi Hotspot will not be able to perform its function as you expect from it. The guide will work on iOS 8 along with on the previous version present for iPhone in order to make them also get to know the process for creating WiFi Hotspot.

Step 1:

Go to the Settings of the iPhone and locate the Personal Hotspot in the settings. Tap on it and move the slider right to open the Hotspot.


Step 2:

You can setup a WiFi password in order to secure the WiFi connection generated from your iPhone and avoiding any other person than you want to access the WiFi.

The process is same for iOS 8 and below users as to make the user to acknowledge that he/she can create the WiFi Hotspot without any difficulty even if they have updated their OS version.

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How to Create WiFi Hotspot in iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5, 5S, 5C, 4, 4S
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