Google Drive is subsidiary from Google allowing the people to perform processes like file storing, synchronizing and saving them on the servers with ease. Any form of file can be stored and saved allowing wide utilization of the features offered covering Google Docs, Sheets and Suite to advance the documents created by the person on them to instant saved on the Google Drive. For accessing the service and characteristics available the individual has to register through the Google account and to get hands on the large space of storage made for the users. Google offers a huge 15 GB of storage space to users divided in Google Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos.

The files uploaded on Google Drive can easily be shared with people allowing the people shared with to view them on their browser with ease regardless of the content and format of the file. The Google Documents web viewer allows them to view the files but the user has to download the web viewer to view files which browser forces to do. The file storing service doesn’t allows the user to share the direct download link disabling the person shared the files to download them despite of viewing them on the browser. The web viewer is not large in size but no one will want to download unrequired and unnecessary things which are not required at most of the time.


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Creating the Direct Download Link for Files on Google Drive:

As there is no way through which a person can share the link of the files stored in Google Drive but who says you can’t develop and create a direct download link for them. From the guide provided here you will be able to create the direct download link for Google Drive files.


Step 1:

Launch your browser and go to Google Drive then login into your Google account. Reach the file of which you want to create the direct download link.

Step 2:

The file chosen must be like ‘’ on using the link you will render the file and just by simply rewriting the link you will be able to download it.


Step 3:

The modified link will be ‘’, make sure that the FILE_NAME in the original link should be used in the modified URL.

Step 4:

For files present on Google Documents and Presentations can also be downloaded through creating a direct download link for the particular file. In Google Docs the file link has to be modified to ‘’. The =doc can be changed to =pdf if the file is in PDF format. For files in Google Presentations the link should be changed to to download the file.

With the help of this trick you can create and generate a direct download link for files stored on Google Drive and download them easily without any sort of trouble.

Creating Direct Download Link for Google Drive Files (How To)
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