The synchronization feature of Android makes the phone contacts present in the device to sync with our Google account. The feature makes the people in efficiently and speedily managing the contacts on the Android device on the way. The sync feature provides help in syncing the Facebook and other accounts, making the user to have the accessibility whenever needed. The feature makes us to be updated and be sharp along with aiding in working smarter. The contacts present in our Android device are important for us, but sometimes the device formulated many duplicate contacts of a single contact. The duplicate contacts make the accessibility difficult and pose problems while working. After syncing the device you can see that there are duplicated contacts present in the device.


Methods of Deleting the Duplicate Contacts in Android Phone:

Method 1:

You can do the deletion through your Android device. Firstly select the ‘Contacts’ on Apps screen of your device for starting the process. Then select the contact that is in your mind for deleting and the details of that particular contact will appear on the screen.

Select ‘Edit’, tap on ‘Join’ with selecting the contact which you are seeking for merging in your device if there are some important related to that contacts. You can delete if the duplicated contact if it is of no use for you by tapping on ‘Delete’ button.

This method is simple as it offers you to do the deletion process through your Android phone and is easy as it looks. This will definitely help you to rid of the contacts not needed.

Removing Contacts

Method 2:

The second way is to perform this through your computer. Open your Gmail account through your computer. After logging in your account, you will see ‘Contacts’ at the left side of your Gmail account’s page.

Select the ‘More’ button present at the top most on the contacts for seeing the option for present for editing the ‘Contacts’ synced in the account through your Android device. You can also merge the contacts if you want to keep them for future; if not, then you can delete them by selecting ‘Delete Contacts’ option. After this entire working enable the sync option in your Android device and the changes formulated by you will appear on the phone showing the success of the process.

Gmail Delte Contact

The methods given above are simple and are efficient in providing the duplication contacts the end as you want. It might seem too easy, but if they only one person then the aim of writing this is fulfilled.

How to Delete Duplicate Contacts in Android Phone
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