Snapchat is one of most widely used messaging application were the public can send and receive photo messages for establishing communication. Through the app one can capture images, shoot videos along with presenting them to others n a different way for making the message unique and somewhat not present in the instant messaging applications. Providing public to experience a new way of connecting with others not common and found in the competitors apps, making it a standout from the same features having messengers. The users can send the messages to a controlled and defined list of receivers which is decided by them to avoid the share of content to people who shouldn’t get it.

Recently the application’s security was compromised making the messenger’s usernames to be disclosed which were about 4.6 million in number. The app was hacked and it exposed the usernames along with their numbers on a site naming, through after which Snapchat fixed the problem/trouble. The damaged was done by the hackers which revealed the identity kept a secret by the users to safeguard their interest. Some images were also released by the hackers sent by the people to their recipients making it one of most bad times encountered by the messenger developers. Although there are various measures to provide the security and safety to the users of the app.


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Deleting / Changing Username of Snapchat Account:

After the hacks and unsatisfactory methods to live up to the expectations of the public, many left the application and several changed their username to increase the safety of their account. If you are not pleased with security measures then you can also delete or change the username of Snapchat Account. Here is the guide for aiding you to do so and provide you to be more aware about the security related to your account.


Steps to Delete / Change Username of Snapchat Account:

Step 1:

Log into your Snapchat Account through go to link through your browser provided here and type in your present Snapchat credentials. The page will ask you to re-enter the password which is necessary to do.

Step 2:

You can’t back out now after you have typed-in your password. Now the username block will automatically fill-up. Hit on the option stating Delete My Account.


Step 3:

Within a couple of minutes the account present on the messenger and it can be checked by an attempt to login to the Snapchat site with the old username.

Step 4:

For changing the username you have to delete the existing username account, follow the same steps to delete the account. Then signup on the site to create a fresh new account with different username. You have to perform all the process done by previously when you registered yourself on the site.


How to Delete Snapchat Account / Change Username
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