It’s hard to keep a thousand pages dictionary to learn new words everywhere we go. There comes a time when you don’t get some words properly and for that you have to look into dictionary to get the exact meaning of those words. Well, in this advanced technology era, you don’t have to keep such big dictionaries along. As soon as you use an Android device, you can easily download and install proper dictionary apps to your device. Dictionary for Android APK Download is available in the following report. Get the best and most popular dictionary apps for your Android device as their APK files. 

Dictionary for Android APK Download


Dictionary.Com is the most popular dictionary app available on Android. The app carries a huge list of adorable features to make exploring this app a memorable time. You could explore different widgets, Voice search, advanced searching, audio pronouncing and much more. The app is available for free and you can even download its APK file as well by following the below given link.

Download APK

2. Advanced Dictionary

Advanced Dictionary

Advanced Dictionary is for all the advanced users who wants to get the meaning by hearing it in different languages. Yes, you can actually hear the meaning in your own native language by using this app. You can even go for advanced search options as well. The app carries 13 different languages. Download its APK now!

Download Advanced Dictionary APK

3. Free Dictionary Org


This dictionary app is quite helpful for everyone. Whether you are a newbie or an advanced user, the app gives you proper suggestions of the words you are currently typing. It has direct WiKipedia integration and many advanced options to get you a complete knowledge of what you are looking for. It provides you searched word linked with Google Images as well. Download its APK file for free from the following link.

Download Free Dictionary Org APK

4. Urban Dictionary


Urban Dictionary is loved by millions of its users and they do make use of it on a regular basis to learn new words everyday. The app has a simple UI with social media integration options. You can search for words and it will give you proper meanings with buttons to share that words with your real friends on different social networks. This dictionary Share words, Daily words, Shake for random word, History and much more. Download its APK file now!

Download Urban Dictionary APK

5. Offline Dictionaries

Offline Dictionaries

Offline Dictionaries is quite helpful if you are not connected with the Internet. There comes a time when you could not get the web connectivity in such cases, you have to use Offline Dictionaries. This app offers you to let search for your words being offline. It doesn’t require any web connections to complete your tasks. It’s a must have dictionary app if you travel a lot when data connectivity gets interrupted again and again. It’s free for all Android users and you can download its APK file from the following link easily.

Download Offline Dictionaries APK

Dictionary for Android APK Download
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