WhatsApp was recently taken over by the widely used social networking site Facebook for about $ 22 billion and made it a part of the company. WhatsApp has a huge following and is used by various people for communication with other along with have some memorable moments through the app. The greatness and popularity of the app can be noted down through the fact that it currently has nearly 400 million people active on it globally. People love the application due to its easy user interface and simplicity being offered at its best.

WhatsApp regularly provides updates for the application for making that sure the users have the latest things in the app and get updated to changes in the technology. The instant messaging client has currently got a new and interesting update along with feature never expected by many. The fresh feature rolled out is Blue Ticks in the application, showing that the sent message is been read by the person to whom it is sent. The feature is good and innovative in the sense of acknowledging that the person has read the conversation and the message sent to him/her or not.


But there is one difficulty/problem arising due to the update, it is that it will lead to misinterpretation of the situation between the persons who chatting and communicating with each other. Suppose anyone have sent a note/message to you, but to being in middle of some work the message was only checked by you and you didn’t reply to it. As soon you read the message the blue ticks will emerge on the sender’s screen and seeing no reply, the sender will think that you are avoiding him and don’t want talk to him/her. The misunderstanding is now created and it will take time be cleared.


Disabling / Removing the Blue Ticks Marks in WhatsApp:

Many people know the consequences of the new updated feature and want to it for their good. If you also want to avoid it for having a healthy and proper chatting, then follow this simple guide for disabling / removing the blue ticks marks in WhatsApp.

Method 1:

You can do so by turning off the Mobile Data tried by many people in the previous version of the app for hiding their last seen from other people. The method is also efficient in this case and will allow you to avoid the blue ticks featured in the latest update.


Method 2:

If you are feeling that Method 1 is tiresome and requires a lot of this and that, then try this one. If you have already updated WhatsApp and experiencing the blue ticks, now you have to downgrade from the current version. Download the previous update made for the application which is 2.11.431 and install it on your device.

You have to do a search on Google for previous version’s APK and download it. Install the downloaded file and it will not show the blue ticks on your WhatsApp.

Those were the methods for disabling / removing the blue ticks marks in WhatsApp.

How to Disable or Remove Blue Tick Marks in WhatsApp
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