While using the internet on our smartphones we are surrounded by malicious ads and sites trying to track our activity on the internet for gathering information regarding the data stored on the device. Other than internet the apps on the device contains invisible trackers looking for your personal information sending them to the servers for using it for their purpose. There are various unsecured connections making you vulnerable to the threats related to privacy and security, keeping the identity in track by cyber criminals. People try various means to in order to avoid the leak of personal and important information but despite of these measures some of the total is contained by the trackers.

Disconnect is an application for various operating system platforms like Android and iOS etc, providing the users to perform typical searches privately avoiding the search engines to save searches personal for us. The application allows the users to stop the other installed and present apps to collect the data of the device, due to which it was removed from Play Store as it violated the developer agreement of Google despite being downloaded by 5,000 people within 5 days. The tool was reinstituted in the Google Play Store on September after seeking the outdoor for a month.


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Features of Disconnect:

  • Search your keyword on various search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo etc privately through the help of the application.
  • Avoid the search engines to track and store your searches made on their sites for gathering your information personal and important for you.
  • It also blocks the malware on your device allowing you to provide a view on the people tracking you.
  • The application contains the features of VPN allowing you to avoid the track of apps and websites on the working performed by you on your device.
  • The efficiency of the app is great and can be measured with the fact that over 10 million people are currently using the app for protecting themselves for cyber criminals.

Disconnect APK Download for Android

Disconnect APK for Android:

Step 1:

Download the APK file of Disconnect from the provided above link on your desktop which is secure and safe for performing the download process. The link will not harm the system while doing the download.

Step 2:

After the download is completed move the download file to your Android device through the help of USB Cable by connecting it with the desktop and transfer it to the device for installing it.


Step 3:

On the completion of transfer process you have to locate the transferred APK file to move ahead on the process of using it.

Step 4:

Tap on the file to begin the installation process on the device. It will require sometime in order to be completed to be ready for accessing the service offered.

Disconnect APK Download for Android
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