Microsoft recently showcased the latest addition to the line of the operating system developed by them, Windows 10; the operating system will be in the hands of the people till the end of the next year as the rumors are winding in the market. Windows 10 has made a promising look on the day when it was showcased. The dedicated followers of the manufacturer have made given their consent, of using and getting the operating system on its arrival due to the faith developed by Windows 10 to them.

There are many people fond of Windows 7 and think that it is best to use the operating system for their machines showing the dedication towards it. They have their own thinking and way of performing things. The main thing is that they can downgrade their latest OS (Windows 8 or 8.1) with Windows 7 on their machines even if they are new.


Steps to Downgrading From Windows 7 to 8

Firstly acknowledge that the downgrading is a risky and time-consuming process, Windows 7 is not compatible somewhat with the newer system present. So make up your mind at the start that you really want to do it. Running Windows 7 on newer systems will be brilliant due to the availability of the required software but sometimes it doesn’t work. Every Windows depend on drivers and they power almost everything on your system. The drivers present on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are specifically for these versions only.

Windows 7 error

Step 1:

Get a copy of Windows 7 on a DVD or on USB drive for booting your computer. It is hard to get the copy nowadays, but the internet is there to help you. There are various online sellers selling the operating system on the internet. Choose the version among the six, according to working and preferences.

Step 2:

Ensure that you have got the drivers needed for the system. Every driver should be there for proper functioning. Note the drivers needed and get it downloaded from the web.


Step 3:

After this, make a copy of the files needed by you and the other software needed. Backing it all will make you to avoid starting from scratch.

Step 4:

Get the right product key for the installation of Windows 7.

Windows 8

Step 5:

Insert your Windows 7 setup disc for booting the system. After this, press the F2 or the key required for the booting up process, fill up the requirements asked and going through the prompts, the system will reboot many times till the Windows 7 is installed.

Step 6:

Install the drivers stored and copied by you on the USB drive or on disc. Load up the files and you are ready to use the operating system loved by you.

How to Downgrade to Windows 7 from Windows 8 and 8.1
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