Windows 10 is the latest edition of the popular Windows operating system series released by Microsoft with the aim to provide people a next generation desktop OS which makes the working and functioning to be better than the previous versions. The desktop operating system also provides to overcome the shortcomings present in the user interface of the Windows 8 encountered by the non-touch supported devices. Windows 10 has been created with the mindset of giving the features to the keyboard and mouse users along with providing them the ease and comfort while working on the newer version.

Windows 10 is now in generally beta testing mode where the people can download and install the trial version of the operating system on their system encountering the features provided by Microsoft in the edition. The people can also give feedback about the shortcomings which can be filled up before the official release. The operating system has the mixed functions and features of Windows 7 & 8 along with the presence of new features to make the user to feel a new experience on it. The user can access the Windows store and the apps present on the store on the system to extend the performance of the desktop. The company guarantees that the efficiency and the working of the OS will be on the expectations made by the public.


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CCleaner & Speccy for Windows 10:

CCleaner is a great cleaning tool available for Windows operating system users which allows them to remove the unwanted files potentially present on the system. Mostly used as to clear the excess and temporary content files there on the system decreasing the performance of the system. Speccy is a utility tool formulated by Piriform allowing the user to acknowledge the information related to the hardware and software of the system. Both the applications are used by people present worldwide providing the functioning and working to benefit them along with making their system to perform better than the expectations made with it. Now these two applications CCleaner & Speccy for Windows 10 through which the operating system users can make their desktops to perform more than the expectations made from it.


CCleaner for Windows 10

Speccy for Windows 10

Step 1:

Download the applications from the links provided above on your Windows 10 operating system. The given links are safe and secure to perform the download process on your desktop without the worry of hampering the security of the system.

Step 2:

Install the applications after the process of download completes for making them to run on the system. The apps will require some time to be installed on the system.

Download CCleaner & Speccy for Windows 10 (Full Offline Installer)
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