Instagram is an online popular photo and video sharing service also working as social networking site allowing the people to capture images along with videos then showcase them to several other social networking sites through it. The photographs posted on it has an unique feature developing it into a square shape, having similarity with classic and retro Polaroid images making to be different from other similar multimedia content sharing sites. The person accessing the site can formulate and interchange their captured through the digital filters present on it to provide the attractive and personalization feature to customize as preference.

The site was developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger about 5 years in 2010 to provide the public a diverse photo sharing site which has the features making them to enjoy using it and have fun. Instagram gained publicity within months of its release and gained about 100 million users active on it as daily basis. The site currently more than 300 million users and the number of people registering for using the service offered is growing with the passing time. The service was currently hold up by Facebook which acquired it for $1 billion in 2012 and offers the people some additional features in enabling the user to enhance the level of enjoyment gained from it.


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Downloading Instagram Videos on PC without Any Software:

The photo and video sharing site recently introduced the feature of uploading and sharing the recorded video on it where you can upload a 15 sec video on it. There are some video which we really want to have on our system and download them from Instagram for future reference. You can download Instagram videos on PC without any software as it is simple and can be done without any problem encountered while downloading it. You can get the Instagram videos easily and watch them on the system.


Steps to Download Instagram Videos:

Step 1:

Open Instagram on your web browser then login into your account (we have taken Google Chrome) and navigate for the video which you want to download. Leave the page to be downloaded fully.

Step 2:

Now after the page has completely loaded then right-click on the page then choose the ‘Inspect Element’ option. A separate box will open downside on the browser and then you have to go magnifier icon box where you can select element with mouse.


Step 3:

Click on the video which is being open and loaded already, then a code in the box present in bottom instantly interchange to a link for an MP4 video double click on it to select and copy it.

Step 4:

After you have copied the link then paste it in your browser to initiate the download process of the video on your system.

How to Download Instagram Videos on PC without Any Software
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