Smartphone offer people the feature of using the applications and games according to their preference and choice. iOS also offers the operating system users to have the access to the applications of the choice providing them the comfort and ease in working on the device. iOS is a worldly acknowledged mobile operating system developed by Apple for its devices launched by them mainly being iPhone, iPad etc. The app ecosystem of the operating system is wide and has all types of applications for making the working more efficient on the device by the user.

The main problem present in the mobile operating system is that all apps allowed for accessing and to used are not free just some are, in iOS operating system you can do the downloading and installing of the paid application for free after jailbreaking your iOS device. Jailbreak is somewhat same to what people do in Android OS as rooting, it is time consuming process and often results in poor performance of the device and lags in working. But we have formulated a way of giving you doing the downloading and installing of paid applications free without the jailbreak.


Steps For Getting Paid Apps Free Without The Jailbreak:

Note that this is for the previous versions of iOS, not for the latest iOS 8 launched recently.

Step 1:

Open the browser on your iOS device and navigate for the Tongbu official website. Tongbu is an application allowing you to do the downloading of paid iOS applications for free. Download the app from the official website which is in Chinese and by tapping on the icon present on the center with the Apple logo it start downloading.

Step 2:

After downloading the application install it. For showing you how it’s done I chose the famous game FIFA 13. It is available in the app store and has a price tag along with it of Rs. 69 making it a difficult choice for users to get it.


Step 3:

Now open the Tongbu application and then navigate to the Search bar of the app which is indicated as a magnifying glass on the second of the first row. Type FIFA 13 on the search bar of the app for searching it. Select the app for downloading and hit the green button for downloading it.


Step 4:

After the downloading process ends the pop-up will come asking you to choose whether to install the app or not, tap on install and let the installation of the game begin.

Now with this no paid app is away from your device foe getting and enjoying the features offered of the app. The process will make you to avoid the jailbreak process and have a healthy device with good performance.

How to Download Paid Apps on iPhone / iPad for Free without Jailbreak
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