Sony is a recognized and renowned technology developing company engaged in providing the people a product matching their expectations and needs. Sony formulates various technology related products for people like home appliances; cameras etc encouraging them to buy these products make their daily routine easy and entertaining. Sony also develops smartphones running on Android OS of Google and is pretty popular among the people specially the Xperia series. Xperia series has some very good smartphones like Xperia Z, Z1 and T2 Ultra along with many more present in the league.

Sony FlashTool is amidst tool proving to be true to the specifications it has other than various present with the work. The flashtool serve as the correct and perfect driver for the Sony Xperia phones loved and used by many. Flashtool is basically developed by XDA developers and is now continuously update by Androxyhde, the initial work on the tool was started by Bin4ry. The tool allows the user to flash the Sony software on the unlocked Xperia smartphone through your Windows system.


Steps for Downloading and Installing the Sony Xperia Flashtool:

Step 1:

Download the Sony Xperia Flash tool and install the tool, after installing the Flash tool there will several folders inside the folder of Flash tool folder.

Step 2:

The Flash tool has the drivers for all the devices coming under the Xperia series and will have the main concern on firmwares, do place the .ftf files present in the folder of firmware.


Step 3:

Through the flash tool, you have to install the flashmode and the fastboot drivers on the system. Placing the .ftf will make the execution of the flash tool.

Step 4:

There will be a lightning button present on the top of the tool, choose the flashmode due to flashing a firmware at present.


Step 5:

After selecting the items to be cleared through the Wipe section, you have to click on the Flash button and the logs will be shown, it will also prepare the .ftf file to be loaded.

Step 6:

The flash tool will load the file and with holding the volume down button it will promote in Connecting your device with the system. After the connection will be made successful and the flashing process will be started.

Xperia tool

The flash tool will help you to make your loved unlocked Xperia device to be more efficient and run properly than ever. Sony has listed the compatibility of various Xperia smartphone with the flash tool on their website for easier access.

Download Sony Xperia Flash Tool for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / XP
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