SoundCloud is known as one of the best way to listening to your favourite music online. SoundCloud offers you to upload your own track to push it to the world’s people on the go. You can start up your own Music channel, can follow other artists, can share things on different social networks and much more within this platform. Interestingly, you can download your favourite songs or tracks too from this platform. However, there are people who are completely unaware about this process. How to Download from SoundCloud on PC and Mac is explained very well here. More details are as follows! 

Basically there are two ways to download songs from SoundCloud instantly. One if from its official download button and the other is from an additional source. If you love to listening to music from SoundCloud, you can instantly download that particular song from that page instantly. Yes, all you have to do is just click out the download button given below that song which is being played. Take a look on the following snapshot where a Download button placed. You need to click that button out.

SoundCloud Official Download

SoundCloud doesn’t offer to download all songs. It’s bounded and depends upon the owner of that songs whether it can be downloadable or not. If there’s no download button given there, you have to follow the second way of downloading. Here’s the second way to download songs from SoundCloud instantly.

How to Download from SoundCloud on PC and Mac

Just like every other websites, SoundCloud too has its own way to offer a reliable user interface for everyone. To know how you can easily download your favourite tracks from SoundCloud easily, kindly follow the below given steps and get to know the most easiest way to download songs from SoundCloud.

Step 1 :

Go to SoundCloud and choose the song that you want to download on your PC. e.g. we have chosen the following song. You can see it has its own URL, you have to copy that URL first.

SoundCloud 1

Step 2 :

Now, go to the SoundCloud Downloader’s official website by clicking the below given link.

Step 3 :

You would see a homepage of SoundCloud Downloader with a Search box and a Download button.

SoundCloud 2

Step 4 :

You need to add the copied URL into this box and then hit the Download button.

Step 5 :

The next page will instruct you to download the selected file. You just need to right click on the given area and select Save file as option. Select the location where you want this file to be downloaded. Downloading process will take place at the vert next moment.

SoundCloud 3

You’re done! Your selected file has been downloaded. By now, you can easily open up the downloaded file on your Windows and Mac PC. This is the most simplest way to download any of your favourite SoundCloud’s file from SoundCloud.

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How to Download from SoundCloud on PC and Mac
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