WhatsApp is World’s best and most popular Instant Messaging app available for all types of Smartphone platforms. The app has over a Billion monthly active users and Billions of messages are being sent and received each day within this app globally. The app has got all the potential to keep you all connected without having paid anything to anyone. WhatsApp is available for free for all the Smartphones and it doesn’t require any special recharge or something to make use of it. Anyone can instantly own this app and can rejoice a delightful time along with their best ones. Apart from all that, if you wish to make use of this app on your PC, Download WhatsApp for PC from here. For more details follow the below report.¬†

WhatsApp for PC

WhatsApp doesn’t require any worlds for the description. Everybody knows all the amazing services that this app has been providing to its users. With WhatsApp you actually can stay connected with your best buddies instantly. For that, you just need to have this app installed on your Smartphone. Making use of WhatsApp is pretty easy and its decent user interface makes everyone able to use this app very easily. WhatsApp offers a huge number of features and functions and this is the actual reason behind its such a huge popularity over the globe. Just to let you more informed, following are some of the useful features of this app. Have a look!

Features of WhatsApp for Smartphone

  • The app is absolutely available for free and you can install it from your respective app store
  • It doesn’t require a username or password to enter into the app
  • One time sign up with a cell number for lifetime use
  • Works on your phone’s cellular data or a Wi-Fi network
  • User can share unlimited texts, pictures, videos, current locations, contacts, documents and almost everything within this app
  • User can see whether the message is sent or not
  • User can also see if someone responding to your messages or not and much more

These are all the amazing and very useful features of this so popular IM app, WhatsApp. In addition, you can get this app installed from your own Google Play Store for free. Yes, you can get everything for free. Isn’t that amazing? Apart from all that, there are people who don’t have a Smartphone. Well, they too can make use of this app instantly from their respective PCs. Yes, you heard it right. WhatsApp for PC is now available and you can get the same user interface as you are getting from a Smartphone. To install WhatsApp on your Windows or Mac PCs, you just need to follow the below given tutorial. To get the best results, you are requested to follow each of the given steps wisely. Here’s a complete step by step tutorial.

Download WhatsApp for PC or Computer (Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / XP / Mac)

Step 1 :

Initially you have to make sure whether a proper Android Emulator is installed on the PC or not. If there’s no any Android Emulator installed, you are requested to install one now. If you are completely blank about an Android Emulator, kindly follow the below given link from where you can easily download and install it.

Download BlueStacks for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / XP & Mac

Step 2 :

You need to click on to the above mentioned link and a new webpage will be presented to you. From this page you can get all the useful information along with a list of useful features and installation process.  Scroll down the page and you would see a Download button there. Click it out!

Step 3 :

You will be on the official page of Bluestacks Emulator. Here you would be asked to select the current operating system of your PC. Make sure to select it wisely and downloading process will take place at the very next moment. After a few minutes the Emulator will be installed on the PC and it will be loading like the below image to your desktop.

WhatsApp for PC 1

Step 4 :

On the homepage, you would be seen a number of different options from which you need to select Search option.

WhatsApp for PC 2

Step 5 :

In the search box, enter WhatsApp and hit the Find button besides the box. You can follow the below given image for more information.

WhatsApp for PC 4

Step 6 :

The next page will show you a number of different options of apps and games including the requested one, WhatsApp Messenger. You need to click on to the Install button. See the below image.

WhatsApp for PC 4

Step 7 :

Here you would be asked to choose the Downloading path of this game. Make sure to select Google Play Store as the Downloading path of this game from the given three different options.

WhatsApp for PC 5

Step 8 :

Soon you will be redirected to the official page of Play Store. Click on to the Install button, accept terms and conditions and after a while Downloading process will take place. Soon the app will be installed on the PC and you will get a successful message on the Emulator.

WhatsApp for PC 6

Congratulations! You have successfully installed WhatsApp Messenger on your Windows/ Mac System. To make use of this app, first thing you need to do is launch the Emulator on your PC. You would be presented a page from where you can see all the previously installed apps and games including the recent one, WhatsApp Messenger. Click on to the icon of WhatsApp and a Signup page will be there on your screen. On the Signup page, you need to enter your Phone number followed by a Country code. Soon you will get a four digit code on your cellphone. Enter that code into the given box on the emulator. And you’ll be done! You are ready to use WhatsApp from your PC. It’s easy and instant!

WhatsApp for PC 7

What’s your take about this tutorial? Do you use this app? Do share your experiences of using this instant messenger app. You can put your views and opinions too in front of us. Meanwhile, if you have any other queries or questions to be asked, feel free to let us know. We would like to interact with you regarding your queries. Till then stay tuned with us and get such useful tech updates from here!

Download WhatsApp for PC or Computer (Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / XP / Mac)
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