WhatsApp Messenger is a popular cross-platform mobile messaging application made for iOS, Blackberry, Android, Windows and for Nokia device users. It is the widely used application for communicating, offering features more than just texting, you can send images, audio and media messages to the people you communicate with. The internet plan used by you for emailing and web browsing is used by the messenger for messaging people and to stay in touch with your loved ones. Nokia after being releasing its smartphones running on Windows OS of Microsoft released Nokia X series running on Android OS due to low sale output, faced by them and the Android OS is the widely used in the world.

Nokia’s X Series consists of Nokia X, Nokia X+, Nokia XL runs on the modified version of Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 customized by the company to make it a different from others. Many problems were faced during the launch of WhatsApp Messenger for the phone which was overcome in the update of the application. WhatsApp+ is a modified version of the original WhatsApp Messenger for Android offering you the choice of customizing your messenger in various colors through the MODs available and increasing the media upload limit up to 16MB.


Features of WhatsApp+:

  • Customizable in various colours and sizes
  • Hide your last seen from people
  • Interchangeable icon color
  • You can convert your WhatsApp notification bar
  • Offers much more than the original WhatsApp


WhatsApp+ Free Download for Nokia X Series:

Nokia X series runs on the modified version of Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1, making the process of using and getting WhatsApp Messenger different from others. The features must have made the X series device users to upgrade their WhatsApp for experiencing the brilliant features present there. You can download the application from the link given below.

WhatsApp+ Free Download for Nokia X Series


Steps for Installing WhatsApp+:

Step 1:

Backup your data and uninstall the previous version of WhatsApp from your device. Backing up the data makes the conversation done by you with people is saved and you will be able to get the message sent and received.

Step 2:

Download the file from the link provided on the top in your desktop and after the downloading transfer the file to your device through the USB cable.

Nokia-X- And Whatsapp

Step 3:

Locate the transferred file on your device and tap on it to install the messenger.

Step 4

After installation tap on the WhatsApp+ messenger application and do the required procedure for enabling it for use.

The update and new WhatsApp+ Messenger is now there in your device and have the experience promised by the application for you in the upcoming time.





Download WhatsApp+ for Nokia X, XL and X+
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