Wikipedia is the digital encyclopedia present on the World Wide Web allowing you to search and acknowledge the details about a certain thing. One can get the full information the history, origination almost everything about the related term enabling the person to have all known facts and recent updates about the thing which he/she wants to know. The site is a free of cost content providing encyclopedia accessible through the internet and anybody can use the service along with the feature allowing the people to edit the article which can be done through following the rules.

The online encyclopedia is the seventh popular website and sums up as the largest reference provider on the internet. The services and features of the site are available in various languages to make everyone to use the content there on it. Having about more than 4.7 million articles on various contents providing the people to explore the knowledge related to them. Wikipedia has about 18 billion page views daily nearly 500 million visitors are there daily on the site. The site is supported and managed by a non-profit Wikimedia Foundation with the aim to provide the public a free database about various things and to know various facts not known till now.


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Downloading Wikipedia Pages as PDF Files (eBooks):

Various people use the online encyclopedia for acknowledging and getting the reference about the search content. Many of them want to save the article present on their system and read the article offline, but due to being an internet supported site it is not possible. We have found a way of download Wikipedia Pages as PDF files on their system and read on the desktop without the need of internet connection perform the reading offline without any problem or trouble.

Wikipedia page

Steps of Downloading Wikipedia Pages:

Step 1:

Open the Wikipedia’s home page and type in the content about which you want to acknowledge the information along with perform the download to read it offline in leisure time.

Step 2:

After the page is fully loaded see the left side of the page where you will see various options, scroll down and stop when you see the Print/Export option. Click on the Download as PDF to initiate the download process.


Step 3:

Wikipedia will compile all the things into a file and then convert the page into a PDF file. After the conversion is completed the site will produce a download link from where you can download the file just by clicking on it on the system without any trouble or problem.

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How to Download Wikipedia Pages as PDF Files (eBooks)
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