Microsoft recently launched the Windows 10 operating system for the PC and laptop users making a new fresh step in developing the new generation Windows operating system. The company has made several changes for making the criticism faced during Windows 8.1 operating system to be shut off and make the competition more intense along with winning it by a majority. Windows 10 is basically a treat for the mouse and keyboard users which were dissatisfied during the launch of Windows 8 and 8.1. Many people didn’t like the customized Metro user interface and it proved to be a big innovative mistake of Microsoft in the operating system.

Microsoft is working on making Windows 10 a brilliant and ‘killer’ OS among the industry, embarking a new journey with the customers and followers of the company. The operating system’s Technical Preview will be in the market in a couple of days providing the people a glimpse and feel of Windows 10. The company has ensured that the OS will deliver the brilliant experience on devices on the time of using and working on it.

windows 10

Features of Windows 10 OS:

  • An efficient and improved battery life due to the presence of Intel Haswell Chip.
  • Return of Start Menu, after making plop Metro UI Start Screen the company has returned on the request of people, the same start menu for the users.
  • Applications will run in same window and format with the option of minimizing, maximizing and closing it with a single click.
  • Having multiple desktops, you can create more than one desktop for using and switch between them easily.
  • Pretty neat and attractive user interface for people making to get a new look while using the operating system.


The features of Windows 10 are assuring and make the mind to be ready about the OS. The operating system will be in the market after 2014 and will be available for people in mid 2015. Currently you can feel the Windows 10 through the technical preview launched by Microsoft. The main aim made by the company by launching the technical preview is to have the feedback and to assure that the features available and changes made are good and are liked by people.

Windows 10

Windows 10 ISO image is available for download on the official site in 64-bit and 32-bit versions. The main languages available for the preview are US English, English, Chinese and Portuguese for making wide distribution of the product. Making it available for users, the company has attracted many people to use it for a year due to the license of the Technical Preview expires on April 2015. The company will also launch a second Technical Preview in first six months with some more features added to it.

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