Laptop is a portable version of the big personal computer (PC) used for performing the work, functions and for the variety in settings present in it. Having the same components like PC but in compact factor to make it light, comfortable while using it. The functioning and performance of laptop is great and many people prefer to use it than the PC’s making them more popular than it, decreasing the use of PC. They have a rechargeable battery which is powered by an AC charging adapter and changing times they are becoming smaller, lighter and more powerful making them to be used for several purposes.

The laptops have become one of mostly widely accessed gadget due to the features and characteristics present along with offered in it. A feature which is used by many people is the use of an external display unit with the laptop for performing presentations and etc. Office workers mostly perform presentation of their reports and projects. The laptop can be connected with an external display or monitor to manage the function and showcase the work performed by the person. The output of the work generated is more than the gathered on one monitor as when seen on two monitors.

dual monitor

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Using an External Monitor Display with Your Laptop:

Many people didn’t know the process of using an external monitor display with the laptop and are unable to perform their properly due to this. The procedure of connecting the external monitor display is simple and there is no sort of complexity present in doing so. It can be connected easily and efficiently with the laptop without any trouble or problem.

Step 1:

First check that what sort of video connection medium is there between the two as there are several ways of connecting both of them like Digital Video Interface (DVI), Video Graphics Array (VGA), HDMI and etc. Select one and connect the both.

Step 2:

Manage the display settings by holding Windows + P key then select one of the various like Computer only (screen image will be there on laptop’s monitor only), Duplicate (it duplicate the screen on both monitors), Extend (move a window to other window), Projector (project the screen image on higher resolution).


Step 3:

Set the screen resolution of the display by right-clicking on the desktop and select screen resolution. Click on the multiple display drop down list and choose whether you want to Extend or Duplicate these displays. Check the orientation as per your preference. Select the identify monitors to check which one is 1st and 2nd monitor to ensure the proper running.

Follow the above steps and you will be able to use an external monitor display with your laptop along with increasing the appearance of the displays.

Dual Monitor Setup: How to Use an External Monitor Display with Your Laptop
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