Dude Perfect 2 is an ultimate action game design for the action lovers. This is the second edition to the popular Dude Perfect game series which has millions of its global users. The new Dude Perfect 2 has a new trick shot challenge which is liked by over 1.5 Million users. The gameplay offers a number of styles and challenges to get the best of action gaming on your phone. New environment offers more entertainment to your time. Fortunately, Dude Perfect 2 for PC is now available for Windows and Mac systems. For APK file, click here. Keep on reading!

Dude Perfect 2 for PC 1

Dude Perfect 2 for PC Free Download

Step 1 :

Download and Install a proper Android Emulator for the PC on which we are going to install this game. If you are completely unaware about it, follow below given link to download.

Download Bluestacks Emulator for Windows and Mac

Step 2 :

Click the link and you will be on a new webpage to collect all required information about the Emulator. Scroll down the page and select the Download button to get an installation file of the Emulator.

Step 3 :

Double click the file and follow all basic instructions. Soon, the Bluestacks Emulator will be installed on your system.

Dude Perfect 2 for PC 2

Step 4 :

On this page, there will be a number of options. Kindly select the Search option from here.

Dude Perfect 2 for PC 3

Step 5 :

Now, type in Dude Perfect 2 into the Search box and then Press the Enter button.

Dude Perfect 2 for PC 4

Step 6 :

This page will suggest you a number of Apps and Games including the requested one. Kindly select the Dude Perfect 2’s icon from here.

Dude Perfect 2 for PC 5

Step 7 :

This is the official Google Play Store’s page of the Dude Perfect 2 game. Click Install button and then Accept its terms and conditions.

Dude Perfect 2 for PC 6

Step 8 :

Downloading process of the game will take place itself. It will take a few moments and soon, the game will be installed to your system.

Dude Perfect 2 for PC 7

Dude Perfect 2 game has been installed on your system. To start the game, just go to the Emulator’s homepage where you’d see a number of apps and games suggestions. Kindly select an icon of Dude Perfect 2 game to start playing it on a respective system.

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Dude Perfect 2 for PC Free Download (Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / Mac)
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