Almost all of us are victims of battery issues and problems making us unable to use the device properly along with making us to leave the working done in middle of it. Performing a presentation, in a meeting or doing something the battery of your laptop gets dead and affects our working to leave it, some of us not carry the power adapter thinking that the battery will last till end of operation and if we carry it there is no outlet for plugging it in for recharging the laptop. This error is common in every laptop disrespect of the manufacturer whether the laptop is of Dell, Lenovo, Asus, HP etc.

Due to the operations performed on the laptop the load on the battery increases and makes the depletion of the charge in the battery. The battery is one of the most important components of the laptop and the care of it should be done for increasing the life along with performing the functions fully and properly enabling the utilize it for functioning. There are some methods and ways helping you to easily increase battery life of laptop making you to have the functions to be done properly along with completing them without any issue related to the battery. These methods and steps are tested allowing to have the full control over the battery consumption for better utilization of the laptop than usual.


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Increasing the Battery Life of Laptop:

The steps are tested and will not harm the laptop in any sense or pose any trouble while working on it. It will aid you to maximize the efficiency of the battery of the laptop for doing the operations fully and complete them without the error.

Method 1: Perform Defragmentation Regularly

Defragmentation makes the unwanted files and folders to be deleted or removed from the hard disk in order to avoid the pressure on it. Less load on hard disk equals low battery consumption, making hard drive efficient as you through defragment.

Method 2: Adjust the Screen Brightness

You can adjust the brightness of the screen by keeping it dim and low for decreasing the load on battery, LCD of the laptop is the biggest enemy of the laptop’s battery as it drains the power making it to be charged after every 2-3 hours.


Method 3: Shut off the External devices

Disable the unused devices and ports from the laptop as the suck off the juice present in your system and increases the load on the battery. Shut off the WI-FI, Bluetooth and other optical drives if you are not using it and the power usage will decrease.

Method 4: Clean the Battery Area Regularly

One should clean the battery area regularly as to avoid any sort of complication posed to the battery due to the dirt and components present there. Clean the metal contacts of battery with a cloth dibbed in alcohol and rub it there.

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Method 5: Hibernate Rather than Stand By

Whenever you are not using the laptop try to choose the hibernate option rather than the standby one as in standby the power consumption will be taken by the laptop as the applications will remain running despite of the option chosen.

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