Internet is basically accessed by all and has become an integral part of the people; many people start their day with internet and end it with internet. Basically the desktop/laptop have drivers which support and run the internet on the system for allowing the user to get the access to internet without experiencing any sort of trouble or problem. The most common type of connection port used to access the World Wide Web are Ethernet ports, every system has an Ethernet port in which a broadband is plugged in connecting the system with the internet.

Sometimes due to an error the Ethernet ports are unable to perform their function as expected and makes the user to avoid the access to the internet. There are certain errors which make the Ethernet port to not work disabling the user to get the functionality desired from it. The Ethernet port works basically on a driver which certainly not functions when you access it on your system. Error popped up while trying to access the internet makes us annoyed disabling you to perform the particular function. Generally the problem is rectified after a period of time allowing you to access the internet on your system as expected and performing the working easily.



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Ethernet Port Not Working Fix:

If the problem doesn’t get solved on its own then you have to uninstall the particular driver of the Ethernet port and then reinstall or update it on the system to start a fresh. There are various drivers related to it as the desktops/laptops are manufactured by many companies each having their own set of drivers installed on their product for maintaining the functionality. If you have to reinstall or update the driver then you have to check and acknowledge the ID of driver to install it.

Step 1:          

Go to the Control Panel of the system through the Start menu and open the Device Manager. The Device Manager showcases the drivers installed on the system supporting and allowing you to perform several functions.

Step 2:

When the window of Device Manager pops up go to the option naming Network Adapters then click on it. On clicking on it a list of drivers will generate right click on the one stating Ethernet Adapter. Select the Properties option from it.



Step 3:

A new window will come up which will be about the driver chosen, now go to the Details tab of the window. Go to property and select Hardware Id option then you will see the Value bar to come up with several numbers.

Step 4:

Choose the first one and copy it on the clipboard. Now go to the site of the manufacturer like if you use Dell’s product then go to the site for getting the driver through the ID copied to the clipboard.

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