Evernote is a worldly acclaimed and acknowledged notekeeping application allowing the user to record the information captured from a source. The note can be in form of text, webpage and webpage contains various multimedia content like a video, image etc allowing the person to save it on the system without any sort of trouble. The application is free of cost allowing the people present worldwide to access the services offered without paying a single amount.

The application is available in two versions, one being a paid version another limited access free version. It can be accessed online also but it has some monthly usage restriction which is free of cost. The service can be use on multiple operating systems like Windows, iOS, Android etc allowing the people to widely use the services and features offered to them for making their work to be easy and simple. Evernote serves as the perfect tool allowing you to capture ideas, webpage clipping, scanned images and many things to save them in one file. The service offered is somewhat addicting which is unable to get rid of once you have encountered and experienced it.


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Evernote Tips & Tricks:

People have used to Evernote and we have found some useful Evernote Tips & Tricks aiding you to use the service efficiently and properly. These tips are some features of the popular notetaking service which you must have not encountered while using it. There are so many little things which on acknowledging change the whole scenario of seeing a thing and utilize it we also want to change your view on Evernote.

  • Protect the Sensitive text: When keeping a note it is next to impossible to encrypt the whole text of the note, but if you really want to protect the sensitive content present in it then you just encrypt the word. The encrypted word will protected with a password which also has a 2-layer authentication. Making for anyone to tear his/her hair off in order to get the information.
  • Watch Folder: Basically people use the service to store scanned items, PDF and etc needed any time as soon the need of it pops-up. We have to manually import these file into Evernote, instead of it we can develop a ‘Watch’ folder on the system and any file you drop in the folder will be there on Evernote.


  • Stop Syncing of Every Note: We all know that if make a note on our smartphone, then the Evernote will automatically sync it on your system and iPad. But what if we create a note and not want to the application to sync then on using the service on computer you have to just create a Local Notebook. The notes in the Local Notebook will not uploaded on Evernote servers.
  • Search Text inside Images: Evernote allows you for text content present the images also on handwritten notes allowing you to get instant access to the text present in a particular note.

Evernote mac

  • Change Emails into Reminders: Through the application you can set your archived emails in quick remainders from the attached mailbox. Just compose a message or open the existing one and put an exclamation symbol with the date on which it should pop-up and send it to the Evernote address of yours.  

Evernote Tips & Tricks to Make Things Easier
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