Facebook is there to get you the best of memories within your Technology world. You can live a whole new social life within this world’s best social networking website, Facebook. Facebook allows you to become friends with the people with whom you are interested with, you can even join with your family members and relatives. You can add your friends and much more. Share photos, videos, statuses and much more with Facebook. Recently, Facebook has made its Messenger service separate with which you can easily stay online within this Messenger app only. Facebook Messenger for PC download is now available and we are up with a tutorial to download and install this Messenger on your Windows PC. Follow the report now! Messenger for PC Main

Facebook Messenger for PC is now available. Since most of the people are using Windows 7 as their PC’s current operating system, Facebook’s official Messenger app is available to be installed on the PC running on Windows 7 OS. If you too are using Windows 7 operating system on your PC, it’s time to get a hands-on with the all new Facebook Messenger application on it. Kindly follow the below given steps and start a whole new messaging life within your Windows PC of your Facebook friends. Here’s the tutorial!

Messenger for Windows

Facebook Messenger for PC Download (Messenger Desktop Login)

Step 1 :

Make sure to download a proper version of Facebook Messenger which is officially available on its site. Currently, Facebook Messenger is available for Android, Windows Phone and iOS and with respect to this latest update, Facebook Messenger can be downloaded for Windows 7 PCs as well. Kindly follow the below given download link in order to get the installation file of Facebook Messenger downloaded.

Download Facebook Messenger for Windows

Step 2 :

You are requested to click on to the above given download link first. You will be presented a whole new webpage from where you can see some more details about this messenger from there. Make sure to choose Facebook Messenger for Windows option which is given right there.

Step 3 :

Downloading process will take place. It will take several minutes to get you the latest Installation file of Facebook Messenger on your PC.

Step 4 :

After it gets downloaded, you need to double click on to the downloaded file. You need to select the Run option while being asked for the installation process.

Step 5 :

Installation process will take a few seconds to be done. Soon, the Messenger will be installed on your PC and you can easily see the Sign In boxes right there on your screen.

Step 6 :

Enter your Facebook Username and Password in the given boxes. Singing process will be done and you can easily see the list of all the friends who are being online at the present moment with a green light and a profile picture with name. To start chatting with a particular contact, you just need to click on his / her name once. You can then easily start the conversation with this messenger app.

What’s your take? Have you ever heard about this before? Do share your experiences with us if you have ever used it before? Do share your thoughts and views about this service from Facebook. You can ask us anything related to Facebook Messenger by making use of the following comment section.

Facebook Messenger for PC Download (Messenger Desktop Login)
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