Facebook becomes a part of an individual and one can’t live without using it. Being world’s most popular Social Networking website, Facebook offers plenty of additional services to make it even more bigger. You can lead a healthy professional life by making a proper use of Facebook. Facebook has recently unleashed a newer feature to its messenger app where one can send different types of stickers to express what they feel. Yes, you can use various stickers to describe what you feel without sending words. However, there’s some problem while using this app. All of the Stickers which are being sent and received by you, automatically download to the Gallery app of your device. If you are facing this problem, get to know how to remove them from here. Following report will get you the exact way to get rid of this annoying auto download option. Do follow! Facebook Messenger Stickers

Facebook Stickers Showing Up in Gallery – How to Remove them?

Step 1 :

Make sure that a proper File Manager app is installed on your Android smartphone. ES File Manager is the best option you can have by following the below given official link.

Step 2 :

Now, you have to create a separate folder for the images you don’t want to see in the Gallery app of your device.

Step 3 :

Create a parent folder with a file named .nomedia. Make sure you create this folder in the Internal memory of your device, otherwise it would be a little difficult for you to move the apps and other images.

Step 4 :

If you have created this folder into the SD card of your device, make sure to connect the device with a USB data cable. Move all the folders back to Internal memory and you’re done!

So folks, this is how you can stop auto downloading or showing the Facebook Messenger’s stickers. Hope this works for you.

Facebook Stickers Showing Up in Gallery – How to Remove them?
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