Facebook is known as the second world to live a life. Yes, that’s how we all use this world’s most popular social networking website where you can get engaged with your beloved friends and relatives and all the like minded people with which you can share your business ideas and much more. It even allows you to share anything easily. You can make the most of it by using Facebook Messenger as well. Apart from that, there are special tricks and tips available to help you out while using Facebook. Facebook Tips & Tricks 2015 are enlisted here. Take a look and know what’s cool inside the new Facebook interface.

Facebook Tips and Tricks

Facebook Tips & Tricks 2015

1. Invite all of your Friends to like your FB Page with one single click

Facebook allows you to create a special FB page for branding and all. You can post related items on the page to sell out your products and much more. You can actually enhance the audiences by using this FB fan page which is why most of the people do create it and make use of it. Apart from this, you can invite your friends to like your page so that thy will get all the updates shared by you on that particular page. Well, things became easy and you can now invite all of your friends with just one single click.

  • Login with your Facebook account and open the page
  • Click on Invite friends option and a pop up page will be there
  • Now press F12 Key from your PC and Chrome console will open
  • Copy the following code there

var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }

That’s all, all of your friends will be invited to like your page.

2. Download Facebook Photo Albums on the go

Facebook allows you to upload your photos easily. You can even create a photo album of your recent trip or something that you have recently celebrated. You might have liked an album uploaded by your friends as well and you want those photos to be downloaded on your desktop. Follow the below steps and download the entire album that you liked the most.

  • Go to Facebook2Zip.com
  • When asked, login with your Facebook account
  • Choose the name of the recipient to download the photo album
  • You’ll see all the albums uploaded by that friend
  • You can choose and mark the albums to be downloaded
  • After selecting the albums, hit the Download button

3. Find who deleted you?

There’s a special place available on the web from where you can easily find out who have deleted you from there FB friends list. Kindly go to the below link and login with your FB account. You would be instructed and you can see the list of friends who have deleted you.

Find Who deleted You on Facebook

4. Send Photos in Chat Box

Many people don’t know that they can actually send out multiple images from there Facebook Messenger. To make use of this feature, you need to open the chat option from your Messenger. While entering the texts, you could see a Camera logo below the box. Click the Camera icon and you would be allowed to browse photos from there. Select the photos that you want to share and hit the Enter button. You’re done!

5. Available only for Special ones!

If you don’t want to be seen online, you can simply select a list of friends who can see you online. Nobody else will see you online and by doing so, nobody can send you messages as well. To apply this trick, you have to open the chat option and click the Gear icon. Select Advanced Settings and you would see a few options. Click the Custom option and choose your friends from there. Save changed by clicking the Ok button. You’ll be done!



Facebook Tips & Tricks 2015
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