FaceTime is a video conferencing application developed for people to communicate and connect with others; it is a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). The application helps to have a one on one video chat with individuals limiting the distance gap present between two people; the person can have a great chat with the help of the app. Facetime enables the user to make a video call through the front facing camera of the device. It is an application having a great performance and efficiency in performing the video chat also giving them an option to switch from a voice call to FaceTime video call. FaceTime is basically available for iOS devices and will run on iPhone, iPad and iTouch; it can also be accessed on Mac computers and laptops. The application is not available for Android devices and making the Android smartphone users unable to use the services and features offered to it.

There are various other applications providing the features close to FaceTime and giving the Android users to experience the same experience encountered by iOS users. We have a list for the alternatives available as FaceTime for Android.


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Best FaceTime Alternatives for Android:

  • Google Hangouts:

    Talking about Android and not mentioning Google is not applicable. Android has originated from Google and the company has an application provided them to do video calls on their device. Hangouts is a good alternative of FaceTime accessible on both Android and iOS devices enabling to connect with every person. The only thing needed is that you and the person with whom you want to connect should have a Google account.


  • Tango:

    Tango is service having a close similarity with the FaceTime of iOS allowing the public to make video or audio calls also to do text conversation with others. An additional feature of the app is that you can play games on it while not chatting with friends.


  • Skype:

    Many must be waiting to see this app on the list; the application is quite popular for the services and features provided to public. The app lets the individuals to make video and voice calls to other people for breaking physical barrier between them. Skype is the best alternative present in the market for FaceTime for Android.


  • Viber:

    Viber is another popular application after Skype having the same functions as present in FaceTime for iOS. No sign-up for using the application and have access to the services for communicating with people. Having an interactive user interface it allows the user to have a good time while using the application.


  • WeChat:

    An instant messaging application having the feature of communicating with people through the medium of live calling feature for providing them a next level experience on their devices. The application is known for the services and simple user interface giving the person to use it easily and efficiently to connect with others. WeChat is a good alternative to FaceTime for making the users to encounter a great service.  


FaceTime for Android Download – Best FaceTime Alternatives
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