Truecaller is wide global mobile phone directory offering people to have access to various phone numbers for finding out the unknown numbers. It is has been named as the world’s largest and widest phone directory with the existence of around 450 members on the database. Having its compatibility with enormous operating system like Android, iOS, Windows etc has made the application to have a long following and allow people to have access to the global directory for phones. It is developed by True Software Stockholm and was launched in 2009 basically for Symbian and Windows OS, later being launched for other mobile OS.

The application is available to download for people using the smartphone and giving them the access to various phone numbers, has made a significant remark due to the efficiency and performance given by it. People can use and access the application in various languages from English, Turkish, French and many more even Tamil language also making about 35+ languages.


Features of Truecaller:

  • It is the largest phone directory in the globe and free in use.
  • Accessible through many mobile OS for wide approach of the application.
  • Search various numbers just by the person’s name or the company’s name.
  • Get to know the person who is calling if you don’t have the number as your contact.
  • Add the pictures to your contacts through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Block unwanted callers through declaring the number as spam through the application.


Finding the Contact Names of Unknown Numbers with Truecaller:

Truecaller offers people to evaluate and search the owners of the numbers from whom they are getting the calls. It aids in making people to acknowledge the contact person of the unknown members and choose whether they want to block them or keep the number.

Step 1:

First you have to sign in through your Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook etc accounts for starting the finding process. The sign in is necessary as the accounts are connected to your phone number.

Step 2:

Then log in into your Truecaller account and type the number on the search bar present about which you want to know the contact name.



Step 3:

After typing the number on the search bar, search for the number. Wait for a couple of minutes as the application will go through the vast phone directory.

Step 4:

After getting the matching the search results will generate and you can acknowledge that the person is with the number from which you are getting the calls.

Step 5:

You can also block the number if you don’t want the person to contact you ever through the spam option present in the application.

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